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Hyundai Santro saves itself from Kerala floods – But how?

Earlier this month, Kerala faced one of the worst ever flood situation this country has seen. Financially, the damage it has caused is in thousands of crores. But the citizens of Kerala are united, and confident that they will overcome this difficult time.

As rains ravaged Kerala, and the floodwaters took everything in its path, there are but a few who stand up to challenges. Take this Hyundai Santro for example.

Image – Baiju N Nair

Well of course there’s the very real possibility of this being a photoshopped image meant to get our attention. But what if this Santro wouldn’t go down under, come what may. After scouring through an endless feed of images of cars floating or submerged in water, this one stood out. If real, it is but ingenuity and precision perfected.

Our best guess is after creating a strong base of even cinder blocks, the party responsible stacked smaller sized blocks to build evenly placed columns to balance them wheels. Or, 8-10 people came together, and lifted the car. But this will be too tedious, and dangerous.

Image – Baiju N Nair

It’s a sketchy theory cause balancing wooden planks on a loosely stacked column would be unstable especially when a car is being driven up. A forklift could have lifted the car to place it as it stands but what’s the probability of finding a forklift to do the job.

But then, as posted by Srinivas Kalyan, “Definitely its not fork lift. Forklift can lift a car only by side ways. If you see, there isn’t any space for a fork lift to operate. He must have lifted it by using hydraulic jack by inserting single stone for every single stroke.”

The said car belongs to Boban Joseph. It is registered with Alappuza RTO. We can only hope for Boban Joseph to come forward and tell the internet how did he manage to place the car this way, and saved it from the flood damage. Until then, we can all keep guessing.


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