Hyundai Sonata hybrid battery lifetime warranty comes with a catch

Earlier last month at the Detroit Motor Show, South Korean car maker, Hyundai Motors surprised everybody when they announced that Sonata Hybrid battery pack will now be offered with a lifetime warranty. The news spread like fire in the auto industry, everybody got very excited, in fact people started considering Sonata Hybrid as the best buy.

But as always, this mouth watering deal from Hyundai, had a catch, a big one. Hyundai Motors revealed the terms and conditions about their Sonata Hybrid battery lifetime warranty which stated that, in case of battery failure, Hyundai Motors will replace the battery pack free of cost to the original owner.

Keyword here being ‘Original Owner’ – Hyundai Motors will not be replacing battery packs if you have bought a used Sonata Hybrid! Sonata Hybrid battery lifetime warranty is valid only to the first owner, or original owner according to Hyundai. The offer will not apply on leased vehicles, used cars or commercial vehicles. The warranty will void even if you transfer your Sonata Hybrid.

Mr Michael O’Brien, VP, Corporate & Product Planning, Hyundai, said; “Even with all the hybrid vehicle options on the market today, there is still limited demand for these vehicles because of barriers to customer adoption such as uncertainty about the technology and performance. By offering the Lifetime Battery Replacement Guarantee, Hyundai is addressing customer concerns and demonstrating our confidence in the durability of our product.”