Hyundai Sonata American and Korean models crash tested head-on to disprove double standards

The fast growing auto giant Hyundai has been facing a serious accusation from its customers in the home market of South Korea. A good number of Hyundai customers, especially Sonata owners, from the Asian country have been expressing unhappiness over the quality of their cars. It was suspected that Hyundai is adopting double standards by offering better quality (read safer) products in the US and other international markets than what is available in South Korea.

Determined to prove to that there are no double standards in play, the automaker orchestrated a public crash test in its home market in August, involving US-Spec and Korea-spec Hyundai Sonata sedans. The crash test involved the American model (red car) and Korean model (blue car) colliding head-on (0% offset) while travelling at equal speeds.

The objective of the test is to demonstrate that the crash performance of the domestic model is identical to that of the one available in international markets. Going by the video, Hyundai seems to have successfully driven home the point. The car maker would be hoping that this video would finally put the South Korean customers’ skepticism to rest.

We wonder if car manufacturers in India are open to staging a similar crash test of comparable India-spec and international-spec models (like Hyundai Elite i20, Maruti Swift, Hyundai Creta, etc) to demonstrate the equality of the products. Perhaps not!

New Hyundai Sonata – Photos