Hyundai strikes a chord with Live Brilliant campaign

Hyundai’s new concept ‘Live Brilliant’ is what has caused users and buyers to share their stories about the brand. This concept encourages users to share their views on the brand which only goes to show the company‘s commitment to sentiments and values of their customers. Hyundai as a company is well aware that every car owner has a certain amount of memories and emotions attached to their car. The company requests customers to share these sentiments and values and has hence divided this into four major forms – Live Brilliant individually, with family, loved ones and friends.

It is a digital campaign which encourages users of Hyundai cars to share their lives on a common social platform, where in users with most individual and unique experiences will be offered ipod shuffles.

Hyundai motor Company in the meanwhile reported a 38% surge in Q4 net profits. The company quarterly net profits rose to 2.002 trillion from 1.45 trillion a year ago. Analysts are expecting the company’s net profits to surge even further. Shares of Hyundai Motors closed at $204 yesterday.

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Hyundai encourages to Live Brilliantly

Hyundai’s all new campaign is grabbing eyeballs with its entirely new concept to ‘Live Brilliant’. The campaign’s aim is to basically connect to its users on a more personal level where they share their Hyundai stories with the brand. The ‘Live Brilliant’ initiative is about valuing the users’ emotional and sentiment values with the car they own. It also highlights “New Thinking New Possibilities” to support more such core values with the brand.

Hyundai understands the fact that a car has a lot of memories and emotional values attached to it and to be a part of such personal experiences will get them closer to their audiences. Hyundai recognizes that brilliant experiences have sentiments attached to it that come with people and not things. Keeping in mind an individual’s emotional values, this initiative is categorized in four major forms. ‘Live Brilliant’ individually, with family, with your loved one and with friends. This digital campaign will encourages the users to share their brilliant lives with them on social platforms. The users will be felicitated with ipod shuffles to share their individual experiences. With Hyundai’s campaign, living brilliantly is the way of life!