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Hyundai Creta, Verna, i20, Grand i10, own any car via subscription – Video

Hyundai Creta
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There was a time when a car used to be a life-long possession, but not anymore. People are now changing their cars more frequently, as there are a multitude of options and new models are constantly being launched.

Migration from one city to another for work is also prompting people to change their cars frequently. It is also possible that people may need a car only for a short period. However, since the conventional process of selling an old car and buying a new one is quite exhausting, Hyundai has come up with a simplified system of owning a car.

To simplify car ownership, Hyundai has launched a subscription based car ownership service in partnership with car rental company Revv. Hyundai subscription comes across as an advantageous ownership plan, as customers can get a new car without paying any down-payment, registration fees or road tax. Moreover, free maintenance, free insurance, and roadside assistance are part of the package. Below is a new video released by Hyundai, which details how you can subscribe to any of the Hyundai car on sale in the market.

Based on their needs, customers can choose Hyundai subscription on monthly or yearly basis. In monthly plan, customers can own a car for all days of month or take it only for weekends.

Most of the popular Hyundai cars such as Santro, Creta, Xcent, Grand i10 and Elite i20 are available under monthly subscription plan. Under monthly plan, customers need to pay a fixed amount for a specific number of kilometres. For additional use, charges will be at per km rate.

Yearly plan is more suitable for people who are planning to buy a new car. Customers can own a brand new Hyundai car anytime they want and return it as per their convenience after 12 months. Customers can also choose to permanently acquire the car any time after the 12-month lock in period. In yearly plan, subscribers need to pay a monthly charge and insurance amount. Down-payment and road tax are nil.

Hyundai subscription plans
Monthly cost of Hyundai cars in the subscription scheme.

Hyundai subscription looks promising on paper and it appears to be in line with the needs of current generation. Freedom from down-payment and the hassles of selling an old car, coupled with zero road tax, free maintenance and roadside assistance can certainly motivate customers to choose this pioneering subscription-based ownership scheme by Hyundai.

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