Hyundai Motors launches Cheetah vs Velostar and two more commercials for Super Bowl 2011 (Videos)

Hyundai has launched three new Super Bowl commercials. Speaking of the commercials some time ago, Mr. Steve Shannon, Vice President – Marketing at Hyundai, said that the company would be coming out with innovative and exciting commercials for the upcoming Super Bowl. This is the fifth year that Hyundai will be participating as a Super Bowl advertiser and will bring out a total of five commercials, three of which are already out for eager viewers.

The general theme will focus on key elements that are required to drive a Hyundai and will include two in-game ads, showcasing the performance characteristics that project Hyundai as a premier brand. Interactive and digital content is seen throughout the commercials.

Cheetah is a 30 second commercial slated for the first quarter and showcases a caged cheetah getting ready to race against a 201 hp Veloster Turbo over a long open stretch of road. A few moments into the race and the cheetah backs out realizing what he is up against.

Think Fast is also a 30 second commercial which will be seen in the fourth quarter of the game where viewers can see a young business professional driving his boss Bob in a Genesis Coupe R-Spec. The commercial also features 200 odd Hyundai team members and has been filmed at the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing unit in Alabama in Montgomery where over 300,000 Sonatas and Elantras are produced every year.

Press Release

Hyundai Tackles Big Game with Five Spots Spanning Pre-game, Pre-kick and In-game Ads

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2012 – Hyundai, in its fifth consecutive year as a Super Bowl advertiser, will launch five total game-day ads on February 5, including two pre-game spots, one in the highly rated pre-kick time slot and two ads slated for in-game air time. The general theme of the day focuses on elements that drive the Hyundai brand and culture, with the two in-game ads highlighting performance characteristics – bolstering a brand attribute that Hyundai doesn’t often emphasize. The campaign features interactive and digital content throughout, including outtakes, online extensions and social media engagement to extend the reach of the program. Creative was developed by Hyundai’s agency of record, Innocean Worldwide Americas.

“Cheetah,” a 30-second spot slated for the first quarter, features a caged cheetah set to race a new 201-horsepower Veloster Turbo on a long stretch of open road. The car launches and the cage opens, but just a few yards into the race, the cat realizes he’s met his match as the car speeds ahead. The competitive cheetah then takes his frustration out on his handler. View the spot here:

“Think Fast,” a 30-second spot slated for the fourth quarter of the game, introduces a character that will star in Hyundai’s social media efforts named Bob. In this vignette, a young professional is driving his boss, Bob, a seasoned business pro, in his Genesis Coupe R-Spec. Bob is about to deliver a pearl of wisdom when he falls unconscious. The young driver hits the brakes hard, then throws his Genesis Coupe into drive repeatedly, generating enough force to revive Bob, at which time he delivers his piece of advice unphased by his apparent health scare. View the spot here:

The audience can see more of “Bob’s High-Powered Business Tips” by visiting Hyundai’s YouTube Channel (

“In developing this year’s in-game creative, we recognized the brand has built a strong reputation for great value, fuel economy, warranty, safety and quality – all the rational attributes for buying a vehicle. Typically, Hyundai hasn’t been top-of-mind with shoppers looking for performance and modern design – attributes that inspire an emotional connection,” said Steve, Shannon, vice president of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “However, the just-announced Veloster Turbo and restyled Genesis Coupe R-Spec supply the lineup with plenty of performance credentials for a youthful audience looking to complement great design and features with cars that are fun to drive.”

Hyundai’s Super Bowl commitment includes the coveted pre-kick time slot, literally seconds before the game begins. Hyundai has developed a very important 60-second spot which truly highlights Hyundai’s motivation to succeed. The spot, titled “All For One,” reveals what drives Hyundai and its employees to relentlessly pursue making the best products possible.

Hyundai’s founding chairman, Chung Ju-Yung, inspired this ad with his regular response when told challenges were too great to overcome. He simply asked: “Have you tried?” Inspired by the words of determination and encouragement, the spot captures the spirit that drives Hyundai. Against the backdrop of an iconic, internationally recognized song (“Gonna Fly Now” from the movie “Rocky” written by Bill Conti, Carol Connors and Ayn Robbins), Hyundai team members hum and sing along, demonstrating teamwork and encouragement when a co-worker needs a little support.

The ad features almost 200 actual Hyundai team members, trained by a vocal coach, and was filmed at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, in Montgomery, Ala., which produces more than 300,000 Sonata and Elantra sedans each year. View the spot and “making of” video here:

Finally, to round out the game-day lineup, Hyundai will celebrate its 2012 North American Car of the Year victory for Elantra with a new 30-second spot called “Victory Lap.” The Elantra earned the prestigious award from a jury of 50 independent automotive media in early January. “Faster Acting” showcases the new 429-horsepower Genesis R-Spec sedan and furthers the theme of performance which bridges the pre-game spots with the in-game ads.