Hyundai Velostar beats Jaguar XK-R and Range Rover Evoque at the Canada Auto Show

Earlier this week, at the Canada Auto Show, Hyundai Velostar stunned everybody when the hatchback was awarded the Best New Design of the Year award. In the run, Hyundai Velostar managed to beat cars like Land Rover’s all new Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar XK-R.

Apart from Velostar, another Hyundai car that shined at the ongoing Canadian International Auto Show, was the new Elantra sedan. Hyundai Elantra bagged the Car of the Year award. In terms of sales, Elantra became the second highest selling car in Canada, after Honda Civic, which has been the top selling car in Canada for 14 consecutive years now.

South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai has been taking over the Canadian car market faster than anybody else. Over the last two years, thanks to the impressive growth rate, Hyundai has manged to become the fifth largest car maker in Canada, overtaking Japanese rival, Honda Motors.

Speaking about the road ahead, Mr Steve Kelleher, President, Hyundai Canada, said: “Our demand now is really high. In some cases people are having to wait for a vehicle. Looking at the Japanese, specifically Toyota, they really went for volume, and took their eye off the quality a bit. We’re taking it a little slower. They (Toyota) look like they’re ready for a fight, and they’re going to have to be. Let’s face it, they had a tough year last year and they need to get some of their market share back. But we’re prepared to do what we need to do to defend the share we gained last year.”
On the other hand, Mr Jerry Chenkin, Executive VP, Honda Canada, said: “Last year was a very unusual situation where I can’t honestly say what would have happened or what could have happened. Competition is getting stronger from everyone, not just the Korean manufacturers. So we have to respect the competition, respect the competition and beat the competition.”