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Heroic Locals Rescue Driver, Hyundai Venue From Brahmaputra River

Heroic Actions of Local Community Save Army Personnel and Hyundai Venue from Drowning in Brahmaputra River

Hyundai Venue falls into river
Hyundai Venue falls into river

It was a heart-stopping moment when a Hyundai Venue with registration number 22BH8261D plunged into the Brahmaputra River. The car was on a ferry bound for Kamalabari Ghat from Nimati Ghat, and eyewitness accounts reported that it happened in the blink of an eye. But what could have been a disastrous story was transformed into one of grit, determination, and the human spirit that triumphed against all odds. Thanks to the quick-thinking and heroic actions of the local community, the driver, an army personnel posted in Arunachal Pradesh, was rescued, and the car was saved from sinking.

How Local Heroes Rescued Army Personnel and Car from Brahmaputra River

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of being cautious while driving onto ferries and the need for safety systems. Ferry accidents are not uncommon in the Brahmaputra River, which is a major transportation route in the region. Many of these accidents are attributed to poor maintenance of ferries and overloading, as well as harsh weather conditions during the monsoon season. However, in this incident, the driver lost control while driving onto the ferry from a ramp, failed to stop, and drove into the river.

While there were no lifejackets in sight, ferry operators were quick to throw lifebuoys at the driver’s direction while the car floated further away from the ferry. Not only was the trapped driver brought to safety, but the car too, all thanks to the quick-thinking of the tempo driver who jumped in almost instantaneously to aid the driver.

The brave man not only speedily swam up to the car but tied a rope to the rear, preventing the vehicle from drifting away faster. By this point, the car had started to submerge, front first, and those on the ferry held the other end of the rope to help reel the car back in. Being in the water meant the ripples moved the vehicle shoreward, but a second rescuer jumped in to help bring the car closer to shore.

Driver lost control while parking his Hyundai Venue on the ferry, and instead drove it into the river
Driver lost control while parking his Hyundai Venue on the ferry, and instead drove it into the river

Miraculous Rescue: Local Heroes Save Army Personnel and Hyundai Venue from Brahmaputra River

As challenging as it may seem, the men got the job done, and once closer to shore, a large number of those ashore had already run closer to the car to haul it out of the water. With more ropes and brute force, the large group of rescuers succeeded, despite the rocky terrain preventing a complete extraction. The video cuts off with the rear of the vehicle still in shallow water.

This miraculous rescue shows the power of people coming together in the face of adversity. It is a feel-good story that restores faith in humanity, reminding us that even in the darkest of moments, we can find hope. However, this incident also highlights the need for safety regulations to be followed when loading cars and bikes onto ferries. Failure to follow safety regulations can result in serious consequences, including injury or loss of life.

Importance of Safety Regulations for Loading Cars and Bikes onto Ferries

Proper loading and securing of vehicles with wheel chocks or tie-down straps should be mandatory to prevent vehicles from shifting. Overloading the ferry can lead to a disaster, and proper emergency procedures and equipment must be available at various points along the ferry. Clear communication with passengers on safety procedures to follow during loading is also essential.

The Brahmaputra River has been a watery grave to many a man and machine. Still, this incident shows that with the right measures in place and the help of local heroes, disasters can be averted. We salute the bravery and determination of the rescuers who risked their lives to save a fellow human being and their car. This is a story that inspires us to be better, to do better, and to come together in times of crisis.

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