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Hyundai Venue turbo petrol CNG kit claims to be first in India – Video

Kundan Hyundai of Pimpri, Pune, has fitted the Hyundai Venue 1 liter petrol turbo variant with a CNG kit. This is the first time a turbo petrol engine has been fitted with a CNG kit, as the makers claim this is the first ever Venue CNG with petrol turbo.

This is the Venue SX variant which gets a 1.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine which works in conjuncture with the CNG unit. Despite these added fitments, the dealership will continue to offer a 3 year/1 lakh km warranty on the Venue CNG.

Under the bonnet, while all components stay the same as seen on the regular Venue, there is an ECU that has been specially made for the turbocharged engine. There is a CNG kit fitted in the boot which weights a total of 14 kgs and which contains 9-10 kgs of CNG and the Hyundai Venue SX reads Petrol + Turbo at the rear. Watch the detailed video with test drive by Infoclone Youtube channel below.

The interiors get a special unit which can switch from petrol to CNG and CNG to petrol. Apart from these additions, the rest of the interiors are also identical to the regular Hyundai Venue.

The Hyundai Venue with CNG starts in petrol mode. The engine is responsive and drive is smooth. It auto switches to CNG pulling in 2,000-2,500 rpm and still drives very smoothly even at 80-100 kmph. The car is currently being tested Once tests have been completed and the Venue CNG has been approved by Hyundai, it will then be sold by the dealer with an intact warranty.

Speaking about price, that has not been revealed yet. The cost a regular petrol engine CNG kit with warranty comes at a cost of about Rs 65,000 by this same dealer. But for this turbo petrol CNG kit, cost will be higher. This CNG kit can also be fitted in the Tata Nexon, Tiago and Tigor and in the JTP models while it will be ideal for the Polo GT TSI as well.

The CNG kit is not yet launched and is currently being tested by Hyundai dealer. The kit is by Tomasto. As it stands, they are the only ones who will install the CNG kit and offer the full warranty for the same. If the CNG kit is installed from outside, then the company warranty is declared null and void.

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