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Idiot handles bike with his legs while sitting on gas cylinder – Video

Idiot handling bike with legs while sitting on gas cylinder

There is no way he would’ve braked and changed gears safely if he was forced to reduce the speed.

If the citizens of India are asked why do they think the country tops the chart for road fatalities, a vast majority of them would be quick to point out the lack of proper infrastructure and failure to enforce road rules strictly. There is no doubt that resolving these issues would go a long way in improving road safety in the country but idiots like the man in this video make us wonder if Indian roads can ever be safe.

The turban clad middle aged fool was handling his Hero CD Deluxe commuter motorcycle with his legs while sitting on an LPG cylinder that is fastened over the pillion seat. While this qualifies to be a crowd pulling stunt in a circus, one would have to be reckless and ludicrous to attempt this on a heavily trafficked public road.

In addition to the obvious danger to his life, he was putting other road users also in serious risk. The worst thing is, fellow motorists were either indifferent or filming the madness with their mobile phones while riding/driving.

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We have no clue as to what he would’ve done if he was forced to apply brakes and change gears. It’s impossible to do so with legs without losing control of the motorcycle. We just hope that the guy doesn’t repeat this on a public road again or inspire somebody else to attempt an equally idiotic stunt while people are around.

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