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IIT Bombay Racing’s ORCA is a 447 bhp/tonne electric race car (Photos and Video)

IIT Bombay Racing ORCA race car

Built at an overall project cost of INR 45 lakhs, ORCA is the fastest Indian electric race car developed by IIT-Bombay.

The team which is well versed in the development of Formula race cars for the past 8 years and has developed the Agni, Prithvi and electric Evo Series in the past has now introduced an all electric race car called ORCA.

The new race car developed by IIT Bombay Racing team heads to Formula Student competition slated to be held in the UK this July.

IIT Bombay Racing ORCA race car

IIT Bombay Racing ORCA race car

ORCA weighs just 242 kgs making it lighter than the Evo 4.0 (their previous contender for last year’s contest) which weighed 302 kgs. It is powered by a 389 volt battery pack allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.47 seconds and hit a top speed of 145 kmph.

This makes the ORCA faster in acceleration than any other sports car manufactured by Tesla, Audi or Porsche. The car is not only light in weight but also sees increased stability even at higher speeds.

IIT Bombay Racing's ORCA (6)

ORCA electric race car is built of carbon fiber and sports a steel tube space frame chassis both of which have been built in-house. Built at a cost of INR 45 lakhs, the project received support from NRB Bearings, Tata Motors and Ceat Tyres.

ORCA electric race car was inaugurated by students of IIT-B at PC Saxena Auditorium inside college premises. It now heads to Formula Student UK competition, an annual car competition of both electric and IC engine vehicles in July.

IIT Bombay Racing's ORCA (5)

Over 100 student teams from across the globe will be participating in this event wherein entries will be judged on type of engineering of the car, presentation skills and other parameters. IIT-B has seen overall rank within the 50s over the past 2 years while they now aim at a rank within the top 20 with this latest entrant.



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