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TE Connectivity support for IIT Bombay Racing team’s EVo 3.0

IIT Bombay Racing team EVo 3.0

TE Connectivity (TE) supports Bombay Racing team. High-performance connectors for EVo 3.0’s safety, efficiency and performance was TE’s focus area.

IIT Bombay Racing team EVo 3.0200 global racing units are preparing for Formula Student 2014 at Silverstone Circuit, UK from 9-13th July. TE Connectivity’s AMP+ HVP 1100 is finger-proof, and touch-safe.

The one-position high-current connectors and headers, designed for flexibility in hybrid electric vehicles is in use in EVo 3.0. The tool-free solution plays in to disconnect the internal high-voltage (HV) battery pack and protect HV cables from short circuit.

IIT Bombay EVo 3.0Vishwanath S, director of Automotive, TE India expressed joy in supporting IIT Bombay Racing for Formula Student UK 2014. TE is supportive of next gen engineers. It’s partnership extends to several institutions to help students with science and innovation as electric mobility has nwo gotten engineers excited about automobiles. Team Captain Siddhesh Sakhalkar is thankful for TE’s support.


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