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IIT topper wants to return the gifted BMW car in return for a laptop

Back in June this year, Tanmaya Shekhawat who secured 11th position in the IIT JEE 2016 examination was presented a BMW by his coaching institute for his outstanding performance. Tanmaya’s story of success, and his BMW 1 Series gift was spread the world over by websites, newspapers, TV channels, and so on.

Now, six months down the line, it is revealed that Tanmaya’s dad, Rajeshwar Singh Shekhawat, a school teacher in Rajasthan’s Churu, wants to return the car!

The reasons cited by Shekhawat for returning this prestigious gift is due to its high maintenance and running costs. The car has low mileage and each servicing costs upwards of INR 85,000. The car is with Rajeshwar in Sikar, Rajasthan, while Tanmaya is in Bombay IIT, pursuing Computer Engineering.

Shekhawat’s sentiments mirror this of India’s ace gymnast Dipa Karmarkar who was also presented with a BMW following her outstanding performance at the Rio Olympic Games. She too sought to return the vehicle due to high maintenance costs and for the fact that the roads in her village in Agartala were too narrow to accommodate the car.

Shekhawat has asked the director of the institute to sell the car and give them the money or retain the car and gift his son anything else and will even be happy with a laptop in exchange for the BMW which has a price tag of INR 28 lakhs.

He cites that even if he accepts the cash as a gift, he will have to pay 33% as tax. With no means of procuring INR 9 lakhs as tax payment, he has appealed to RL Poonia, director of Samarpan Career Institute at Sikar to relieve him of this burden of owning this highly priced and high maintenance model.

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