Illusion or fact: Women drivers park cars better and men love to pose park

So, we’ve always heard jokes about parking when it comes to women being at the wheel, but here’s a study that goes against popular belief. Male drivers are bound to roll their eyes in surprise, and maybe women do the same, but the latest results that point to women being better at parking isn’t to be ignored.

It’s true that women will take longer to park as compared to men, but it’s also true that the female motorists are more skillful when it comes to finding parking space, and do position their vehicles centrally within those two firm lines. The survey involved 2,500 drivers and ratings were made on various aspects of parking. The end result shows that out of a maximum total of 20, women motorists averaged a 13.4 score as compared to male drivers who averaged a score of 12.3.

Matter of fact remains, that only 18% of women actually believed they parked cars better than men. Britain’s biggest car-park operator, NCP first analysed a driver’s ability to find parking space. Appears impatient men habitually miss a parking spot because they drive through a car park too fast. On the other hand, ladies took it slow. This slower approach translates to being able to notice spaces, and also spot other drivers that are about to pull out.

Skills pertaining to correct car positioning prior to entering the parking bay were tested. Appears 39% women chose to reverse in comparison to 28% of the male drivers tested. Reverse method parking is preferred by driving instructors. It appears male drivers were happy once the car was in the car parking space with only 29% of them bothering to readjust the vehicle as opposed to women drivers, wherein, 56% of them chose to readjust the car. This is where women soared ahead in the scoring chart. 53% women parked their car centrally, in comparison to 25% men who did the same. When comparing notes on average time taken to park, women took 21 seconds to park while men did the job in 16 seconds. This would equate to men spending nine days parking while women would take 12 over a lifetime.

An interesting observation is that when men are accompanied by a female passenger, they love to ‘pose park’, which is an attempt to squeeze into a small parking space despite a bigger one being available. Neil Beeson, who has featured in an ITV documentary, Last Chance Driving School designed the parking test for NCP. He had this to say. ‘I was quite surprised by the results because, in my experience, men have always been the best learners and usually performed better in lessons.’ ‘However, it’s possible that women retain the information better. The report shows that men need to give our partners more respect when it comes to parking. The facts don’t lie!’