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In order to survive car crashes, this is how we should evolve

The situation today is such that our cars are getting faster, and roads are getting more crowded. This has led to increase in number of accidents on the road, and thus the number of deaths due to road accidents.

In India alone, 1.47 lakh people died due to road accidents last year alone. One of the major reason behind deaths due to accident is severe damage to the human body. Now, a team of doctors, engineers and a sculptor have gotten together and created Graham, which they say is how a human body of the future will look, if the humans of today were to evolve in order to survive car crashes.

Graham has a massive chest, a large head, extra nipples and lacks a neck. He is so designed to withstand a car crash and is the new road safety ambassador. This mock body created by Melbourne sculptor Patricia Piccinini is a part of Australia’s Transport Accident Commission campaign for road safety. Piccinini was helped by leading trauma surgeon and road safety engineer to fashion this lifelike model to withstand any sort of trauma an accident victim may face.

The mock body is lifelike, though out of proportion. The sculptor has paid special attention to the 8 crucial body zones such as the brain, skull, face, neck, rib cage, skin, knees and legs. The study reveals how each of these body parts reacts to a car crash and how they would need to evolve to withstand such force.

Graham’s skull has been made bigger and is filled with added cerebrospinal fluids and ligaments so as to protect the brain from impact. The rib cage has been expanded with sacks between each of the ribs so as to act like airbags in the event of a crash while hoof like legs with extra joints will enable Graham to leap out of the way and avoid any force.

Below are short videos explaining each body part of Graham, and why it has evolved in the particular manner.

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