Increased accidents in India in recent times lead to road safety concerns

One only has to open the morning’s newspapers and find a long list of fatal and severe road accidents that have occurred the previous day.  No day goes by without a few fatal and life threatening accidents occurring on Indian roads.  According to a recent study conducted India ranks highest in road accidents.

Besides the loss of live and trauma involved, the Government of India is also losing 1 lakh crores per annum due to road accidents.  International Road Federation, a non government organization that deals with the development and maintenance of roads said that Indian government should concentrate on better engineering, educating the people, strict and stringent enforcement of law and order and special attention to emergency and post accident medical treatment in a time bound manner.  It is only in this way that road accidents can be brought under control in a country like India where though the country has progressed, the roads and highways are not developed on parallel lines to accommodate this growing number of vehicular traffic resulting in confusion, chaos and mayhem on the busy streets of the cities.

People too are to blame.  Over speeding, frayed tempers leading to road rage, stress and drinking and driving are some of the main causes of road accidents. Fear and apprehension among onlookers in an accident too results in death of the victims, as they are not rushed to hospitals in time.  80% of accident victims are denied access to treatment immediately after an accident due to public apathy, indifference or a general aversion to deal with police and other red tape in case they assist in taking accident victims to hospitals for immediate treatment that at most times could save a life.