Increased airbags in new car models: Safety in vehicles in India need to be a standard feature even across base models

Newer cars coming into the market will have to adhere to a new regulation where air bags are concerned.  Increased road accidents and higher speed limits on highways have caused major concerns to authorities and auto manufacturers.  Additional safety features are necessary to curb road accidents.  There was a time when card did not even come with the basic safety feature of a seat belt.  Now, it is mandatory in most countries that all cars should be fitted with seat belts both for driver and front passenger seat.

Airbags are now also seen as an indispensible safety feature in all new cars.  Initially it was felt that two airbags were sufficient to take care of such calamities but with newer technologies and research and development it is found that seat mounted and door mounted air bags are mandatory for both driver and rear passenger seats.  These additional air bags reduce the impact and number of fatalities by about 30%.

While seen in the broad perspective the inflated pillow like air bags along with sensor system and deployment mechanism to inflate the airbag in situations of emergency are crucial to protect occupants in case of accidents.  Airbags minimize the impact in situations of a head on collision and as additional airbags are fitted on doors it also protects the occupants from side impact and rollovers.

A combination of air bags is fitted in most cars coming into the market today.  Though all 6 airbags are not yet seen in all models, auto manufacturers need to soon consider positioning 6 airbags in their vehicles. Though this rule in necessary and needs to be implemented, what is also needed is a body to crash test car models to ensure that air bags are deployed promptly in accident situations.  Drivers and passengers are still ignorant of the fact that airbags will not deploy if seat belts are not fastened properly.  Carelessness in securing the seat belt is therefore a double-edged sword when faced with accident situations and hence proper testing centers and proper awareness programs need to be initiated so as to reduce the number of car accidents plaguing the further development of our country.