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Increasing use of two wheelers cause of many accidents in India and no sight of compulsory helmet

There has been an increase in vehicles in India during the past few years. Among these vehicles number of two wheelers is more that cars and other commercial vehicles. Two wheelers account for almost 60% of the motorized vehicles seen on city roads. Accidents involving two-wheelers have increase to about 25% in 2012. This is a major cause of concern as more people are opting for two wheelers due to the rising fuel prices and transportation options available. Most common cause of accidents involving two wheelers is because they are light and zippy unlike cars and other big vehicles. More over disregard for rule and regulations has posed a big risk to those making use of two wheelers for transportation and mobility.

Lane discipline is very bad and it’s seen that two-wheelers are the main offenders. Overtaking from the wrong side and trying to squeeze into too small a gap are main causes for accidents involving two-wheelers. It has also been seen that many two-wheeler riders fail to make use of helmets even though State Transport departments have issued directives in this regard. Drunken riding also is a root cause for many accidents involving small vehicles like two-wheelers and cars.

In order to bring to book these erring riders, State Transport departments needs to initiate campaigns promoting usage of helmets for both rider and pillion rider. Anti-drunk driving campaigns should also be initiated not only during festivities but on a daily basis. Usage of technology like speed guns, cameras and breath analyzers will also help to catch these drivers. Police patrols and interceptor vehicles should be used to catch errant riders/drivers. A complete revamp of these systems will enable law enforcement agencies track and apprehend these errant drivers effectively. The most recent changes seem to be orders that mkae wearing helmets compulsory. In Pune, the army has taken it upo themselves to ensure those commuting through cantt areas must wear helmets on a two wheeler. Today is the day after which no two-wheeler rider without a helmet wuld be permitted in any Cantonment area in Pune. In Goa too, compulsory helmets for two-wheeler riders and pillions is being discussed with results expected in another two weeks.

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