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India Car Sales May 2020 – Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra, Tata, Honda, Ford, Renault, VW

In May 2020, the Indian market sold only 36,697 units compared to 2,39,137 units in the same month a year before

COVID-19 has brought several industries, such as automobiles, to a near standstill. In India, COVID-19 lockdown measures were initiated on March 25 and all ‘non-essential’ services were halted.

This included automotive plants, dealerships and service outlets. For the entire month of April 2020, sales were virtually zero units on the domestic market — something which the Indian market witnessed for the very first time.

As India reached its fourth stage of lockdown in early-May, automotive facilities in green and orange COVID-19 zones were allowed to operate in controlled environments. Social distancing, periodic sanitisation and online sales platforms became part of the ‘new normals‘. Amidst all this, the industry managed to sell 36,697 four-wheeler units in May 2020; down by 84.65% compared to what was a year before (2,39,137 units).

Unsurprisingly, Maruti Suzuki came at the top with just 13,700 units as against 1,21,018 units in May 2019 (a fall of 88.68%). It is the only entrant on the list which achieved a five-digit sales figure last month.

South Korean automaker Hyundai came second at 6,883 units and faced a sales decline of 83.81% from 42,502 units a year ago. At a similar slump rate of 81.24%, Mahindra hit 3,867 units in comparison to 20,608 units in May 2019.

Car Sales May 2020

BrandMay 2020May 2019Diff%
Kia Motors1,661

Tata Motors garnered 3,153 units in May and suffered a loss of 74.65% compared to last year’s 12,437 units. Renault lagged considerably behind at 1,753 units; short of 4,196 units or 70.53% compared to the sales figure in May 2019.

With no previous data to compare with, Kia Motors achieved 1,661 units in May 2020. Toyota Kirloskar Motor registered 1,641 units last month as against 12,138 units a year before from then. Sales dropped by 86.48%.

Volkswagen is the last brand on the list to secure a four-digit sales figure. It faced the least losses of the lot as well, at 47.71%. Sales in May 2020 stood at 1,404 units compared to 2,685 units in May 2019. SAIC-owned newcomer brand MG Motor sold 710 units last month (short by more than half the sales of Kia Motors India).

Ford India hit 571 units compared to 6,361 units in May 2019 (loss of 91.02%) while Skoda Auto touched 508 units as against 1,148 units last May (down by 55.75%). Nissan India and Honda Car India secured almost the same sales figure at 378 units and 375 units, respectively.

However, their individual losses were substantially different at 79.66% and 96.72%. Finally, at the bottom of the list lies FCA India (Jeep) which sold just 93 units. Last year, sales stood at 991 units or was 90.62% better.

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