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Can India Ford EcoSport SUV launch emulate Figo success and propel sales growth

Ford EcoSport was this week launched in China with 6 variants priced between 94,800 Yuan to 127,800 Yuan. Ford has launched their new EcoSport in China on March 19, 2013. This modern day sports vehicle is specially designed to appeal to a younger lot of buyers in the country, which the company will make in China via their Chang’an-Ford joint venture.

It is with the launch of this mighty SUV that the American auto company hopes to make a comeback in Chinese auto markets. Initially six models are being introduced and its success in the country will be gauged over a period of the coming six months. Ford will look closely to see if EcoSport will soon be on the list of top ten SUV sales here. Ford EcoSport measures 4,280mm in length, 1,785mm in width which means that it has larger proportions as compared to the EcoSport designed for Brazilian markets.

Last month, Ford domestic sales were down to 4,490 vehicles in comparison to 8,035 units in February 2012. Exports were stable at 2,763 units with the ford Figo doing well, and reported an increase of 16% sales over 2,389 units in Feb 2012. The Ford EcoSport urban SUV launch would most certainly get the sales growth ball rolling for the company here, and could go a long way in recording stable 5 figure sales figures per month.

As the Indian auto market eagerly awaits the EcoSport launch, which is likely to happen in June, it has been confirmed that the country will be receiving the SUV with both petrol and diesel engines. Rough price estimates stand at Rs 5.99 lakhs starting price which just about nudges the car in the 6 lakh bracket. A 1 liter EcoBoost petrol engine and 1.5 liter diesel engine are scheduled for Indian EcoSport which is being put on display across select malls here through this month, and next.

Joginder Singh, president and managing director of Ford India had this to say, “We are excited to go live with our game changer EcoSport at the EcoSport Urban Hub as we bring our urban SUV closer to our consumers. We have taken a step further by giving them an opportunity to drive and experience the EcoSport out in the open and share their product experience with their family and friends. With this experiential drive commencing in May we will go further in meeting their aspirations.” “Consumer curiosity and eagerness regarding the EcoSport adds to the SUV’s importance and relevance to India’s urban population, and we will get the opportunity to go further in expanding the Ford showroom with an exciting product and offering our customers a great ownership experience.”

Vinay Piparsania, executive director of Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford India had this to say regarding EcoSport Urban discoviries. “We thought we should leverage EcoSport Urban Discoveries as a socio-technological tool to take advantage of the vast reach of the internet so that we could tap into India’s proverbial method of effective communication, which is word-of-mouth, and the EcoSport Urban Hub will be an enabler to this kind of engagement.” “The EcoSport Urban Hub will help us engage with and educate people about our upcoming EcoSport, and with this approach we would like help customers take the right purchase decision.”


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