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India Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014/15 proposals

Nitin Gadkari says the new Road Transport and Safety Bill looks to provide a framework for safer, faster, cost-effective and inclusive movement of passengers and freight in India. Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014/15 proposes prevention of road practices that are adverse to public health and road safety. With road crashes attributing to 3 pct GDP loss annually, changes need to be implemented for an immediate solution.

Road Transport and Safety Bill proposals clear of States rights

Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014/15 is a long needed advancement from the still applicable 1988 Motor Vehicle Act. It brings into its realm safety in construction, design, maintenance and use of motor vehicles and roads. It will make way for more stringent penalties to offenders. A graded penalty point system will pose as a deterrent and improve traffic condition. Electronic detection and centralised information of offences will easily identify repeat-offenders.

Road Transport and Safety Bill draft proposal looks to introduce an independent agency, National Road Safety Authority of India (NRSAI), a legally empowered and accountable expert lead agency. NRSAI will be accountable to the Parliament and Central Government. State Safety Authorities shall act in accordance with National Authority issued directives. Gadkari says the Bill looks to establish a transparent and unified driver licensing system for an any time anywhere licence application mechanism to reduce licence duplication of from various RTO’s.

An unified vehicle registration system will make possible electronic and online submission of applications at any registering authority for real time interchange of data. Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014/15 looks to enforce modern safety tech. There’s a provision to create a motor vehicle accident fund for immediate relief to an accident victim. Special emphasis will be laid on safety of school children, and security of women.

Members of Parliament (MP) welcomed Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014/15 proposals and made suggestions to make it more effective. Suggestions include retrofitting cameras in public transport vehicles by manufacturers, establishing a single level portal for seamless payment, construction of much needed underpasses, adequate electrification around accident prone areas, trauma centres at designated places, and considering height, not age of a child for front seat limitation.

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