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Bajaj, Honda, Mahindra, TVS, Yamaha and Royal Enfield: Sep 14 Sales Report

TVS Motor Company reports 27% sales growth in September 2014 with 250,835 units sold over 250,835 units sold in Sept ’14. Export growth stands at 15% for 31,616 units in September 2014 over 27,577 units in September 2013.

Two wheeler exports grew 15% with 24,221 units sold in September 2014 over 21,011 units sold in Sept 2013. Total two wheeler sales growth is 28% for 241,668 units sold in Sept ’14 over 189,609 units sold in Sept ’13. Domestic two wheeler sales growth stood at 29% for 217,447 units sold over 168,598 units sold in Sept 2013. Scooter sales stand at 63% at 70,508 units sold in Sept 2014 over 43,201 units sold in in Sept 13. Motorcycles sales growth reported is 18% 98,052 units over 83,043 units sold in Sept 2013.

Three wheeler sales growth is 18% for 9,167 units sold over 7,800 units sold in September 2013. For Q2 FY14, TVS Motor Company reports 35% sales growth with total sales of 6.77 lakh units over 5.01 lakh units in Q2 FY13. For the period, two wheeler sales growth is 36% at 6.49 lakh units over 4.79 lakh units sold in Q2 FY13. Total three wheeler sales growth is 24% at 0.28 lakh units over 0.23 lakh units sold in Q2 FY13.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has for the first time crossed 4 lakh units in a single month for September 2014, with 438,521 units sold equating to 33% sales growth over 328,907 units sold in Sept ’13.

Sales for April – Sept, FY 2014-15 stands at 2.2 million units. Honda’s market share has improved by 3% points in 6 months. Yadvinder S. Guleria, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., spoke of a phenomenal September with phenomenal month for Honda with its customer base reaching 18 million. Honda expects sales to boom in October too.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has aired its newest Dream Yuga, Dream Neo and CD 110 Dream TVC has been created by Dentsu Marcom and presents varied customer aspirations in the 100cc – 110cc segment. Target group for Dream Series us identified as a 20-40 year old working individual. The TVC sees Akshay Kumar as the protagonist.

Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. (MTWL) September 2014 sales stood at 17,565 units. Domestic sales stood at 16,619 units and exports at 946 units.

Viren Popli, Chief of Operations, Mahindra Two Wheelers expressed delight in positive growth on the back of improved automotive industry performance. MTWL is hopeful about the ongoing festive season, especially with the launch of new global scooter Gusto, now available at a starting price of Rs 43,000.

Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. has registered 27% domestic sales growth for September 2014 with 59,325 units sold over 46,790 units sold in September 2013.

Royal Enfield reports its best ever sales of 28020 units (combined domestic wholesale and exports) in September 2014 reporting 65% sales growth over 17005 units sold in Sept 13. For September 2014, domestic sales stood at 27540 units over 16542 units sold in Sept 2013 equating to 66% sales growth. Export growth stood at 4% at 480 units over 463 units sold in Sept 2013.

2014 YTD sales stand at 220376 units over 123018 units for Jan-Sept 2013, equating to 79%. For Q1 + Q2 +Q3 2014, Royal Enfield reports 215483 units sold over 119739 units in the corresponding period to equate to 80% sales growth. Exports for the year thus far stand at 4893 units over 3279 units in Jan-Sept 2013, equating to 49% growth.

For Sep-14, Bajaj reports 3,47,010 motorcycles old over 3,23,879 units sold in Sep-13, equating to 7% sales growth. New Discover 150 sales stood at 28000 units. Bajaj reports highest commercial vehicle sales for any September at 52,440 units over 43,936 units, equating to 19% sales growth. Total sales for the month stand at 3,99,450 units over 3,67,815 units sold in Sept 2013, equating to 9% growth. Of total sales, exports stood at 1,74,211 units over 1,46,847 units sold in Sept 2013, equating to 19% growth.

YTD FY14, sales stand at 17,74,011 over 17,09,441 units sold in Apr-Sept 2013 to equate to 4% growth. Commercial vehicle sales for the period stand at 2,70,001 units over 2,31,164 units in the same period last year to equate to 17% growth. Total sales stand at 20,44,012 units for YTD FY14 over 19,40,605 in the corresponding period in 2013, equating to 5% sales growth. Exports of the above are at 9,61,060 units over 7,63,593 units sold through Apr-Sep 2013, equating to 26% growth.

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