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Indian Army orders Tata Motors made 1,239 units of 6×6 multi-axle vehicles

Tata Motors has revealed that they have received an order from Indian Army to deliver 1,239 units of their indigenously developed 6×6 high-mobility multi-axle vehicles.

 The 6×6 vehicle which Tata Motors will deliver to the Indian Army.

The latest order from Indian Army is the single largest order ever awarded to an Indian OEM (private) in land systems under the DPP by the Indian army. The order of 6×6 vehicles from Indian Army is for ‘Material Handling Cranes’. The Army will utilize these vehicles for the transportation and loading-unloading of spares, ammunition pallets and other operational equipment.

These 6×6 multi-axle vehicles from Tata Motors are high mobility all-terrain all-wheel drive vehicles. Tested extensively for over 25 months, these vehicles are ready to serve the Indian Army in any condition or terrain.

Tata has tested these 6×6 vehicles to perform in the most demanding of situations – like water-fording, and travelling through the most difficult of terrains at a sustained speed of 40 kmph with designated payloads. To assist the vehicle in different terrains, the vehicles is loaded with some indigenous features.

Tested at VRDE’s (Vehicle Research & Development Establishment) torture track, these 6×6 vehicles are very easy to operate and maintain.

Some of these features are – CTIS or Central Tire Inflation System. This system allows the vehicle to adjust the tyre pressure as per the terrain. For eg, if the vehicle is going through soft sand in a desert, then the driver of the vehicle can reduce the tyre pressure in order to gain traction. He can also inflate the tyres by the touch of a button if the vehicle is travelling on a flat tarmac.

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Another feature is the addition of self-recovery winch. This feature helps in the extraction of the vehicle, or help other vehicles which get stuck during operations. For cabin comfort, there is air conditioning, heating and ventilation. The cabin is also fully ready to be up-armoured, if need arises.

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