Indian off duty bus driver on road rampage kills 9 and injures 27: Police force and student on two wheeler save the day

Pune bus driver Santosh Mane went on a killing spree and there’s no other way to put it. As per psychiatrists such an incident comes close to those where we hear about psychopaths who embark upon a mass murder rampage.The driver mowed down pedestrian and crashed into vehicles that came his way. His wrath spared no one, and people cars, scooters, and kiosks all came under the death bus’ wheels. The mass murder bid stands at 9 innocent deaths, and over 27 injured. This part there were over 40 vehicles reduced to junk.

The licensed bus driver has worked with the department for 11 years and chose another driver’s bus to begin his road rampage. It took an hour for the police to chase him down wrong sides, and streets full of people, several rounds of gunfire and gutsy college student, Sharif Ibrahim Kutty to finally stop the errant driver. Well motive for terrorism has been ruled out, psychiatric evaluation results are still awaited.

Meeran Borwankar, Pune’s police commissioner had this to say. “He just went berserk.” “Slamming into people, cars, school buses, scooters and vegetable stands. Pedestrians tried to flee, with some throwing children out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. ” “He went on ramming vehicles, hitting pedestrians. He was in such a dangerous mood.”

She further added, “Santosh was on duty and worked according to his duty chart till yesterday. We have no idea why he took charge of the Satara bus. He went from Swargate to Pulgate area ramming vehicles on the road and knocking people down.” “Some citizens came forward to save children. Police followed him all through and barricaded the roads. An eyewitness Sharif Ibrahim Kutty helped police open the door of the bus following which he was caught.”

An official reported, “So far, nine pedestrians, including two children have been killed in the incident and around 40 injured.”

Psychiatrist and director, Nityanand Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr Nitin Dalaya, had this to say. “The first thing that needs to be ruled out is addiction, if he was under influence of drugs, alcohol or whitener, etc. However if he reported to duty normally and had a routine conversation after which he seemed to have ‘ticked’ off, there could be a serious possibility of this person suffering from personality disorder. In this condition person seems normal otherwise but a time bomb is ticking under the surface.”

Psychiatrist at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Dr Jyoti Shetty had this to say. “He definitely seems to be psychiatrically ill and needs help, unless he was under influence of some drugs. His behavior was impulsive, rash and has symptoms of a psychotic disorder and person seems to have lost touch with reality. It is difficult for a sane person to go on a rampage like this.”

Head of psychiatry department at KEM hospital, Dr Suresh Pant had this to say. “Most likely his act points towards a personality disorder that was went undetected for long time. However, certain factors like past history of head injury, epilepsy and neurological problems might also trigger such acts. A detailed psychiatric analysis needs to be made of the person but most important is to calm him down first.”