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Indian Railways tests Spain’s high speed Talgo trains

Trials were conducted on Spain’s high speed Talgo train between Bareilly-Moradabad.

With high speed Talgo trains set to redefine the luxury of train travel in India, Indian Railways have started carrying out series of tests before they officially are enrolled for passenger travel.

Lighter in weight, Spain’s Talgo trains consume 30% less energy. They comprise of 2 Executive Class cars, 4 Chair Cars and cafeteria besides power car and coach at the end for staff and equipment.

Talgo Trains in India (4)

The first Talgo train was put to test on Bareilly-Moradabad line in Uttar Pradesh where it ran at speed of 110-115 kmph. This 9 coach train powered by a 4,500 hp diesel engine managed to cover distance of 90 km in 70 minutes.

The train left Bareilly station at 9.05 am on Sunday morning and pulled into Moradabad station at 10.15 am running at speeds between 110-115 kmph.

While trials will continue on this same route till 12th June 2016, Talgo trains will also be put to test across the Rajdhani route between Mathura and Palwal for 40 days wherein speeds could go upto 180 kmph.

Talgo Trains in India (10)

Ride quality, safety and stability of the trains will be tested after which timing trials will be conducted. Hamid Akhtar, Executive Director of Railways’ Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) traveled on the Bareilly-Moradabad and stated that Talgo trains would require more such trials before its success or failure could be evaluated.

Talgo trains have made their way to the Indian port of Mumbai from Barcelona on April 21, 2016. The Spanish manufacturer claims that these high speed trains can reach speeds of 350 kmph while semi high speed trains are capable of speeds between 160 and 250 kmph.

Talgo Train in India – Photos

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  • Why cannot India produce her own high speed trains?? Why has every technology to be imported?? India started economic development with China, today China is giving high speed train technology globally including to UK while India has done nothing much in innovation and research but always looked to import from other country without doing much for self??

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