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Indian buys regn number worth INR 60 crores for his Rolls Royce

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Many rich and famous across United Arab Emirates vie for shorter number plates which is viewed as a status symbol.

Balwinder Sahani is an ardent unique number plate collector. Sahani, also known as Abu Sabah, owner of RSG International, a property management company is the proud owner of a “D5” number plate which he says will be assigned to one of his many Rolls Royce cars.

Sahani with business interests spanning UAE, Kuwait, India and the US, has paid 33 million dirhams ($9 million / INR 59.9 crore) at an auction organized by the road authorities on October 8, 2016.


Collecting unique number plates is Sahani’s passion and to date he has 10 such number plates to his credit with this 11th one set for one of the many luxury vehicles in his possession.

Auctions of this sort are conducted every two months and Saturday’s auction saw over 300 bidders while 80 special number plates were on offer. Bidding for the D5 number plate commenced at dirhams 20 million ($ 5.5 million) to end with Sahani’s bid at 33 million dirhams ($9 million / INR 59.9 crore) with the earnings to go to Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority.

D5 is not the first unique number plate owned by Sahani. Last year he had picked up license plate No.09 for which he shelled out 25 million dirhams ($7 million / INR 48 crores). To date, the record amount paid for a unique number plate is dirhams 52.2 million ($140 million) paid by businessman Saeed Al Khouri in 2008 for license plate No 1.


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