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12th pass kid, neither engineer nor technician, creates remote control tractor to help his father with farming

19 year old Yogesh from Baran, Rajasthan, has devised a novel method of farming without any human intervention. The tractor can perform all tasks required for the day to day running of the fields all via remote. Yogesh, who is neither an accomplished engineer nor a technician has developed a remote control for the tractor that can control the vehicle even from a distance of 1.5 kms.

Yogesh, who was studying in Kota, doing his first year BSc, came home to find that his father used to get tired from maneuvering the tractor in his fields all day long. His father’s legs were paining and Yogesh had to take up the ropes of farming to help him.

It was while operating the tractor for long hours that Yogesh got the idea to create a driverless tractor. His father asked for a sample of the invention and even gave Yogesh Rs 2,000 for supplies. Yogesh made the remote and showed off how the tractor could be maneuvered forward and backward. He proved to his father that this experiment could work out and even borrowed money from his friends and relatives to complete his invention.

Having collected Rs 50,000, Yogesh set to work to make the driverless tractor. Watch his creation in action in the video below.

Driverless Tractor

With this incredible invention by Yogesh, India could leave many countries far behind in new methods of farming! Here’s India’s Driverless Tractor. #OMGIndia #IndiaKaNayaFilter #FullStory

Posted by HISTORY on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

If you are not able to see the video above, you can watch it here.

It took him 6 months to make a remote that could completely control the tractor. A transmitter is fitted onto the tractor that acts as a connector between tractor and remote. The driverless tractor is a boon to farmers who can save time, effort and money. Following his success with creating a driverless tractor, Yogesh now wants to try his hand at driverless tanks for the Indian Army.

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