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Indians in London got a unique chance to ride in a Bajaj rickshaw – Video

The Indian rickshaw or Tuk Tuk as it is also called, was out ferrying Indians in London.

The three wheeler auto rickshaw or Tuk Tuk as it is called in some regions around the world, is a common mode of transport across India and some of the South East Asian countries.

It is a street legal vehicle ideally suited for transport of upto 3 passengers along with a driver. It can travel at the speed of 65 kmph and best suited for short distance travel. While some view this auto rickshaw/Tuk Tuk as highly unsafe due to its lack of seat belts or doors, it is in- fact a rather safe mode of transport for those who are used to it.

One such auto rickshaw or Tuk Tuk has been seen on the streets of Britain where it was viewed with some apprehension. Alex from Car Throttle has tested this three seater on the roads, giving passersby lifts and it was particularly welcomed in the Indian quarters.

Alex picked up this auto rickshaw from a local importer and its brilliant red color along with its inviting interiors caused some excitement as passengers were taken for a spin even as the three wheeler, looked distinctly out of place in a region frequented by fancy cars.

Watch the video below.

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