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India’s newest electric cars and hybrids: Reva NXG and NXR and maybe Chevrolet Volt hybrid

Thanks to a population that continues to grow in number and environmental consciousness, India is quickly becoming a world leader in electric car consumption. This reality has led to the arrival of numerous electric vehicles to the automotive marketplace, particularly from General Motors’ Chevrolet and Mahindra Reva Electric Car Company. By offering a variety of models and features, these companies have become the leaders in India’s electric car market.

General Motors’ Chevrolet 

The typical Indian electric car buyer is value-conscious, environmentally minded, and has plug-in capability. Chevrolet offers the Volt hybrid for those who desire to be green, but lack the needed infrastructure. The Volt’s battery has a range of approximately 40 miles, but an on-board gasoline generator can recharge the battery for up to several hundred miles if needed. Spacious, long-ranged, and free from recharging limitations, the Volt offers the convenience of a standard car with the environmental potential of an electric.

Chevrolet also offers the E-Spark, a plug-in electric hatchback from its “Chevy Hot Hatch” line. Small and sporty, the E-Spark is marketed towards young, urban buyers. Being less costly to purchase, recharge, and insure, the E-Spark is GM’s most affordable electric car offering. For more information on insuring a Volt or E-Spark, see www.cheapcarinsurance.net.

Reva Electric Car Company

Founded in 1994, Reva has become a leader in India’s electric car market. The company’s NXG and NXR models are produced in a recently completed, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited plant in Bangalore that makes Reva one of the greenest car companies on the planet. And while the NXG has yet to hit showroom floors, it is still turning heads. As a two seat, two door roadster, the NSG’s top speed and handling is expected to rival that of its gasoline-powered rivals.

Already in production, the NXR is a two-door hatchback with SUV-like styling. The NXR has a top speed of 65 mph and can travel 100 miles on a single charge, meaning it can quickly and comfortably whisk four adults almost anywhere in the city.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly viable, popular options for motorists around the world. General Motors and Reva are leading the Indian market in producing models that are efficient and affordable. In doing so, they are setting themselves apart as innovators and market leaders in India’s ever-increasing electric car market.



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