Infiniti at the Paris Motor Show 2012: FX Vettel Edition, Emerge-E, LE Concept, M hybrid, and Red Bull F1

Infiniti stand at the ongoing Paris Motor Show is shining with a host of new cars and concept vehicles. Till the 14th of October 2012, you will be able to witness Inifiti LE Concept, Infiniti EMERGE-E, Infiniti FX Vettel Edition, Infiniti FX MY12, Infiniti M35h, Infiniti M Business Edition and Redbull F1 car.

In the near future when electric cars will be making their presence felt all over the car market, Infiniti president Johan de Nysschen has high hopes that the brand will be able to compete in this auto market with the expansion of its portfolio. The Infiniti brand has made of high end technology to create a superb lineup of vehicles which will provide better mobility options to people in the near future.

When asked whether the Emerge-E concept will be the new face of the brand, the company president said that this decision would rely on the styling options and looks that have been incorporated within the other Infiniti models too. The Emerge-E car model has been designed keeping in mind futuristic looks and technology. It boasts of a 402 horse power mid engine powered by twin electric motors. With this engine, the car can achieve acceleration from 0-60 mph within a mere span of 4.0seconds. Next generation interior environment coupled with connectivity features as also new driver interface are the main features of this car.

Through sales of its vehicles, company president Johan de Nysschen hopes to improve customer rapport and thereby influence the market to capitalize on vehicles produced by this brand which will help to make Infiniti a brand to be reckoned with in international car circles.

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ROLLE, Switzerland (27 September 2012) – Representing a bold next stage in Infiniti’s quest for performance luxury motoring in the most sustainable way possible, the Infiniti LE Concept is a true Infiniti with just one thing missing – a tailpipe. Making its European debut at the Paris Motor Show on September 27 in Hall 1, stand 224, the LE Concept will line up alongside the award-winning Infiniti Emerg-e sports car concept and M35h production hybrid in a powerful display of “no compromise” performance motoring.

“The Infiniti LE Concept is a ‘production intent’ concept and most of what you see will become a reality,” said Bernard Loire, Vice President of Infiniti Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. “It is too early to confirm exactly when and where it will go on sale, but we are heartened by recent moves to encourage electric cars, such as France raising the purchase incentive from €5000 to €7000 per car. It is fitting that the LE Concept should make its European debut in Paris.”

“Infiniti believes the future of luxury lies in sustainable luxury and we intend to continue taking a leadership role to achieve it”, added Loire.

• First Paris motor show for Johan de Nysschen as new President of Infiniti
• Infiniti’s first 100% electric car to make its European debut in Paris: Infiniti LE Concept
• Infiniti LE joins Infiniti Emerg-e range-extender mid-engine sports car concept and Infiniti M35 Hybrid as latest “no compromise” performance Infiniti
• Infiniti’s most expensive and exclusive car – the FX Vettel edition- will be displayed alongside Red Bull Racing F1 car.
• Examples of the Infiniti ranges on sale in France, including coupés, sedan, convertible and crossovers
• Infiniti Business Talks discussions on Corporate growth and Infiniti’s Sustainability point of view

Infiniti LE Concept
Combining driving appeal with zero emissions in a dramatically-styled compact saloon body, the all-electric LE Concept is being shown in Paris with a pledge that a production version will be on sale in selected markets in around two years’ time. The showroom model will not only share the LE Concept’s advanced powertrain but also much of its design character – one that shouts “dynamic luxury” rather than “electric vehicle”. Also in line for production are its highly crafted cabin and user-friendly technology – including the possibility of a ground-breaking wireless recharging system.

An all-new design, the four-door saloon body combines dynamism and elegance with signature Infiniti design cues and the latest Infiniti design language. The proportions are typically well balanced, the high rear deck injecting a sensation of movement. Up front, there’s the expected double-arch grille but here it features a charging port hidden beneath the illuminated centre Infiniti emblem. The LED headlights and taillights echo the design direction of Infiniti’s recent concepts, as do the crescent-cut rear pillar and strong shoulder line to express flowing movement. Front spoiler, rear diffuser and side aero fins – all glowing with integrated illumination – contribute to an impressive Cd (drag coefficient) of 0.25.

At around 4.7m long, the LE Concept is a similar size to the Infiniti G Saloon, supporting Infiniti’s belief that zero emissions does not have to mean small. Nor does it mean plain: the cabin is that of a true luxury car, capitalising on the silence of the electric drivetrain to provide a tranquil ride at all speeds. Next-generation instrumentation and connectivity are previewed by LE Concept, but being an Infiniti, hospitality – evidenced by its soft lighting, excellent visibility and welcoming openness – is just as important.

The LE Concept does not compromise either on roominess or comfort. The advanced packaging solution of placing the lithium-ion batteries under the floor not only provides a no-compromise approach to luggage and passenger room, but also contributes to the vehicle’s low centre of gravity, enhancing handling.

Staying true to the Infiniti creed of Inspired Performance, the LE Concept is designed to stimulate rather than sedate on the road. This is achieved by a high performance electric motor with 100kW (134PS), along with 325Nm (240lb ft) of torque instantly available. The target for the engineers was “impressive EV acceleration without sacrificing the range”, expected to be around 160km. A sculpted shift knob controls the drive system, which offers several driving modes, while a centre cluster shows information, such as a dynamic range calculator, in a mix of digital and analogue displays.

The battery system is a proven laminated 24 kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) design with a ChaDeMo DC50kW quick charger that can deliver an 80% charge in 30 minutes. Other charging options being looked at include an innovative home-based Wireless Charging System. This uses a coil safely encased in the charging pad to charge the battery via inductive energy flow. The Intelligent Park Assist feature will automatically align the vehicle over the charging pad for optimum charging and the driver can walk away, with no cables to connect. The high-frequency, non-contact charging, controlled by the car’s display or by smartphone, is safe for children and pets and can be installed easily in a home garage.

“A luxury car for a new generation of sustainable luxury buyers must not compromise on performance. Buyers want ‘green,’ but won’t settle for any aspect of the driving experience being less than that of their current luxury vehicles,” said Bernard Loire.

The LE Concept’s zero emissions credentials and pure approach to luxury define a new class of compact premium electric vehicles that Infiniti intends to lead when a production version goes on sale, scheduled for 2014.

Infiniti Emerg-e concept
The Paris show will be the first public appearance of the Emerg-e concept since being nominated as one of the winners in the concept category of the Automotive Brand Contest, an important international design competition organized by the German Design Council.

The award reinforces the acclaim which followed the car’s premiere at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year and the dynamic debut of a fully-functioning prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Infiniti Emerg-e is the ultimate expression of Infiniti’s inspired performance. This 402bhp (300kW) mid-engine, twin motor, electric motors powered sports car is capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in just four seconds – and from zero to 130mph in a single, seamless 30 second burst. It signals an array of exciting new technologies that the brand will adopt in its quest to build dramatic and sustainable high performance cars. Infiniti Emerg-e also provides a fresh expression of Infiniti’s design language applied to a high performance, mid-ship sports car for the first time.

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Infiniti M35 Hybrid
Alongside the Emerg-e concept on the stand and summing up Infiniti’s no-compromise approach in production form, the M35h is being shown in Paris in its latest, even cleaner guise with 159g/km of CO2 – while still able to accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.5 seconds, making it the world’s fastest hybrid saloon, as recorded by Guinness World Records.

Infiniti FX Vettel Edition & RBR F1 car
Performance of a more traditional kind – courtesy of a 420PS 5.0-litre V8 – will be displayed in Paris thanks to a rare public sighting of probably the most exclusive crossover ever made, the Infiniti FX Vettel Edition, developed in association with Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Just 50 examples have been made available for Western Europe, costing from €120,000 (depending on country), with many already spoken for.

Fittingly the only other car with Sebastian’s name on – his Infiniti-partnered Red Bull Racing F1 car – will also be on show on the Infiniti stand

Infiniti G, EX and FX
Completing Infiniti’s display in Paris will be the extravagantly well equipped Premium versions of the FX30d luxury SUV and EX30d crossover, both powered by Infiniti’s highly efficient and torque-rich 3.0-litre diesel V6.

The Infiniti G range will be represented by the G37 Cabriolet, the two-door sports coupé with all features as standard, including a potent and musical V6 engine and electrically retractable hard-top for a seductive open-air driving experience.


ROLLE, Switzerland (27 September 2012) – The Infiniti LE Concept, which makes its European debut at the 2012 Paris Motor show, is more than just the latest in the series of dramatically styled, technologically advanced concepts from Infiniti.

Though sharing much with the stunning futuristic Infiniti concepts that have come before – a sweeping aerodynamic body, an elegantly intelligent interior, inspired driving performance and advanced next-generation technology – the Infiniti LE Concept is more grounded in reality. A production version is expected to reach Infiniti showrooms in near-similar form within the next two years as Infiniti’s first zero emission luxury saloon.

“In a future that holds an increasing consumption of natural resources, we will advance our sustainable mobility leadership and expand our EV market penetration with new electric vehicles such as the Infiniti LE Concept,” said Infiniti’s President Johan De Nysschen. “Infiniti is well positioned to deliver the objectives for a sustainable future, relying on our capable, hard-working and motivated team members around the world. We are a challenger.”

Among the key features and innovations of the Infiniti LE Concept are:
• Luxury saloon style, combining signature Infiniti design cues with EV aerodynamic efficiency
• Exceptional acceleration and re-acceleration, providing a new level of luxury driving experience
• Leading-edge compact Lithium-ion battery technology
• Smart hospitality, featuring a quiet, luxurious Infiniti interior and next-generation Infiniti Connection, Infiniti Personal Assistant and EV connected services
• Innovative, intuitive home-based Wireless Charging System with Intelligent Park Assist

“The Infiniti LE Concept is a ‘production intent’ concept and most of what you see will become a reality,” said Bernard Loire, Vice President of Infiniti Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. “It is too early to confirm exactly when and where it will go on sale, but we are heartened by recent moves to encourage electric cars, such as France raising the purchase incentive from €5000 to €7000 per car. It is fitting that the LE Concept should make its European debut in Paris.”

First and Foremost an Infiniti
From inception, the LE Concept has been designed as a pure Infiniti, rather than as an electric vehicle with added luxury. The vehicle is also substantial in form – about the same overall length as an Infiniti G Sedan – supporting Infiniti’s belief that zero emission does not have to mean small. The Infiniti LE Concept does not compromise either roominess or comfort, which is why it starts with an advanced luxury-styled saloon body, not a converted hatchback.

“Infiniti believes the future of luxury lies in sustainable luxury and we intend to continue taking a leadership role to achieve it”, explained Loire. “Infiniti is all about challenging convention. Born of our philosophy of Inspired Performance the LE Concept is proving that luxury at the next level can be both gorgeous and zero emission.”

The LE Concept’s dramatic exterior blends distinctive Infiniti design cues, such as its double-arch grille and crescent-cut rear-pillar, with EV aerodynamic efficiency to create a sleek, emotional silhouette. The strong shoulder line, which directs the eye from front to rear, expresses a dynamic, elegant flowing movement. The beautifully balanced proportions represent an efficient dynamic form as a new definition of luxury.

A number of design features contribute to the coefficient of drag of 0.25, which aids driving range, including the aluminum-alloy wheels with aero treatment, the high rear deck, rear aero diffuser and aero side fin spoilers with integrated illumination. The large front grille features a solid finisher and a charge port hidden under the illuminated center Infiniti emblem. The deep-skirted front fascia includes an aero fin spoiler with illumination. The iconic Infiniti LED headlights and taillights echo the design direction of Infiniti’s recent Infiniti Essence and Emerg-e concepts.

Special illumination located under the rear diffuser illustrates the positioning of the wireless charger. The already dramatic exterior is accentuated by blue LED lighting that flows around the lower panels. Distinctive Infiniti EV Blue paint is adopted to enhance the sense of Infiniti EV-ness on the door handles and wheels.

The Infiniti LE Concept’s efficient EV platform maximizes interior space by placing the batteries under the passenger compartment floor. This positioning helps provide a low vehicle center of gravity for enhanced handling and maximizes trunk room, without compromising front or rear seat passenger legroom or comfort. Beyond its advanced packaging, the real beauty of the interior design is its “smart hospitality” – combining a luxurious Infiniti environment with next-generation instrumentation, driver interface and connectivity.

The LE Concept interior is anchored by its Infiniti signature double-wave layout, which flows seamlessly from instrument panel to the center console and down the cabin sides – embracing driver and passengers in a generous, energetic space.

The double-wave design is highlighted by special soft LED Infiniti EV Blue lighting that flows in two waves from front to back, while the center console forms a strong anchor line that penetrates the interior space. The center console finisher adds a touch of EV-ness through the use of a “Hamon” (ripple) design. A sculpted shift lever comfortably controls the LE Concept’s drive system.

Infiniti-EV meters combine modern digital display and timeless analog gauges, creating an atmosphere of both exclusivity and futuristic design. The center cluster features an innovative connected twin display powered by an Intel Atom™ processor. The twin display will offer Infiniti LE drivers access to the kinds of information that EV drivers will appreciate such as a dynamic range calculator that will use onboard and cloud based data. As the public charging station network expands, the on-board database will be kept current. And on compatible charger networks, the driver will be able to confirm real time charger availability.

The elegant, bolstered seat and door trim design also comes from traditional roots, inspired by the “Eriashi” (collar) of a Japanese kimono. The seats are covered in a suede-and-mesh fabric with violet accents, and semi-aniline leather sides. The unique interior colour combination of blush violet for upper proportions and light white for lower also reinforces the vehicle’s Infiniti EV-ness.

An Engaging Driving Experience
As a fusion of hospitality and Inspired Performance, the Infiniti LE Concept is designed to stimulate, not sedate. Targeting “impressive EV acceleration without sacrificing the range,” the engineering team behind the LE Concept’s e-powertrain sought a silent, smooth response for both accelerating from a start and re-accelerating, such as merging onto freeways or changing lanes. Torque of 325Nm is instantly available immediately at all times. The Infiniti LE Concept’s battery system is a proven laminated 24 kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) design with a ChaDeMo DC50kW quick charger.

“A luxury car for a new generation of sustainable luxury buyers must not compromise on performance. Buyers want ‘green,’ but won’t settle for any aspect of the driving experience being less than that of their current luxury vehicles,” said Bernard Loire.

A smooth, comfortable ride is provided by the e-platform’s high body stiffness (with rigid-mounted battery frame), front independent strut/rear torsion beam suspension with double-piston shock absorbers. Handling is enhanced by the low noise, vibration and harshness e-powertrain, along with the low center of gravity and concentration of vehicle weight in the center of the vehicle

Customizable Connected System, Home Wireless Charging
The Infiniti LE Concept’s connectivity to the outside world includes the next generation of Infiniti Connection features, such as Infiniti Personal Assistant 24-hour concierge service, navigation, and Point of Interest (POI) search.

The IT system, which includes a large twin display, is easy to operate. The twin display offers drivers all of the information they want, displayed in the right place. The system can also be used to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle at pre-set times, synchronize with web calendars and search for local charging stations. The system will be capable of reserving charging stations at public venues such as shopping centres or sports stadium (once the appropriate infrastructure is in place).

In terms of charging, the Infiniti LE Concept is equipped to utilize an integrated charging port, a DC Fast Charge option and an advanced Wireless Charging System.

The system’s non-contact charging is via inductive energy flow, with a coil safely encased on the garage floor. The primary coil is connected to the energy source, which then creates a magnetic field that excites electric current in a second coil in the LE Concept. The high-frequency charging, controlled by the twin display or smartphone, is safe for children and pets and can be installed easily in a home garage.

In addition, taking inspired technology a step beyond, the Infiniti LE Concept features an Intelligent Park Assist with Around View™ Monitor to easily align the vehicle in the proper position over the wireless charging coil. The system uses e-steering, with full forward and backward capability, along with a 360-degree view of the surrounding area.

It also bookmarks the parking place in GPS so that once the vehicle enters the garage, for example, the navigation system will automatically switch to Around View™ Monitor and the system is ready to park the car.

Becoming a Reality
“For those who wonder how a zero emission vehicle like the Infiniti LE Concept will fit into their lifestyles, the answer is simple: perfectly. With a range of current and future sustainable vehicles faithful to the Infiniti promise of Inspired Performance, Infiniti is well positioned for the growing demand for clean, efficient and exciting vehicles,” concluded Loire. “In a rapidly changing world, Infiniti is well ahead of the game.”


Infiniti Emerg-e, the award-winning highly advanced mid-ship sports car that provides an exciting glimpse into Infiniti’s future, has just got even more exhilarating. Following the launch of the concept car at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the fully-functional prototype version made its debut in June at the Goodwood festival of speed. Paris motor show 2012 will be the first public appearance of the Emerg-e concept since being nominated as one of the winners in the concept category of the Automotive Brand Contest, an important international design competition organized by the German Design Council.

It’s not often that a concept car gets transformed into a working demonstrator, but that’s exactly what Infiniti has done in conjunction with the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB). Working closely with the TSB and partners Lotus Engineering, CGI, EVO, Xtrac and a number of UK-based specialist technology leaders, Emerg-e has become a reality.

“Normally these design concepts appear in a motor show and they have a small electric motor in them, just enough to move them on and off the stand” says Jerry Hardcastle, Vice-President Global Chief Marketability Engineer and Chairman of the UK’s Automotive Council. “We said, how about putting a real car under there and showing what it would look like as a running vehicle, and at the same time use this collaboration of UK companies to demonstrate the UK capability in this area.”

The advanced technology showcased in Infiniti Emerg-e deliberately draws on the knowledge of suppliers beyond Infiniti’s usual base in the quest to uncover the most innovative hardware and the deepest knowledge base. That quest has seen Infiniti become a part of the UK government’s TSB, initiative whose aim is to speed the arrival of low carbon vehicles to our roads. The partial-funding from the TSB has significantly deepened the resource that the Infiniti can draw upon in the development of Emerg-e and technology relevant for the future of the automobile.

“This is a collaboration of UK companies in order to demonstrate low carbon vehicle potential” continues Hardcastle. “It’s a stunning looking car and it just shows that an electric car doesn’t have to be boring.”

Boasting an array of exciting new technologies that the brand will adopt in its quest to build dramatic and sustainable high performance cars, Infiniti Emerg-e also provides a fresh expression of Infiniti’s design language applied to a high performance, mid-ship sports car for the first time.

The prototype cars remain true to the spirit and inspiration of the Concept car; twin electric motors generate 402bhp (300kW), making Emerg-e capable of accelerating from 0-60mph in just four seconds – and from zero to 130mph in a single, seamless 30 second burst. Crucially, it also operates as zero emission urban transport over a 30-mile range and when the range-extender petrol engine functions in concert with its twin electric motors, it produces a CO2 output of only 55g/km (NEDC cycle) over a 300 mile range.

These advanced motors direct their power via a single speed (XTRAC) transmission to create what is effectively an open differential, this arrangement significantly reduces driveline friction losses. A quartet of inverters controls the motors and their energy regeneration role under braking. The recovered power is directed to a lithium-ion battery mounted behind the seats. The battery can be recharged from a mains power supply (domestic and fast-charge) and stores sufficient energy to propel the Infiniti Emerg-e for 30 urban miles, at which point the on-board petrol engine starts up to act as a generator. This light, ultra-compact, Lotus Engineered three-cylinder 1.2 litre 35kW engine has been purposely designed for its range-extending role. It operates between crank speeds of 1500-4000rpm, producing peak power at only 3500rpm.

The programme remains a process of continual learning, and already there have been fundamental improvements crucial for the success of the running demonstrator. As an exploratory study into the future of vehicle technology, the benefits of which will change the approach to environmentally sustainable and responsible performance, the demonstrator cars are embarking upon a year-long testing schedule.

The performance of Emerg-e was demonstrated in full at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as Red Bull Racing Formula One driver Mark Webber got behind the wheel to tackle the famous Hillclimb.

Infiniti Emerg-e represents both a design and an engineering challenge for Infiniti and the involved TSB partners. “In Emerg-e, we’re trying to study and investigate and showcase two things: one is the potential of a mid-engine sports car for the Infiniti range, and the second is of a new range-extended powertrain” continues Hardcastle.

“We had an opportunity to make a mid-engine Infiniti sports car, which would differentiate it from anything in the Nissan range and anything else in the Infiniti range.”

“Nissan and Infiniti already have a lot of technology for normally aspirated engines, turbocharged engines, diesel engines, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. We hadn’t really studied in great depth the potential of a range-extended electric vehicle though, and so that gave rise to the second opportunity to study a new powertrain. So in Emerg-e, we’ve brought the two things together.”

Infiniti Emerg-e is blazing a trail along the Automotive Council Technology Group roadmap, which sets out objectives for environmental sustainability in automobiles. A mandate from the UK Government requires the development of innovative powertrains, such as the range-extender technology used in Emerg-e, to reduce CO2 emissions.

Another key direction on the roadmap is vehicle weight. “If you make a lightweight car, whatever powertrain you put in it, it will have lower CO2” says Hardcastle. “So reduced weight was one of the key considerations for Emerg-e. With an aluminium chassis and carbon fibre body, which provides a 20percent strength-gain in tandem with a 50percent weight reduction in comparison to the sheet moulded composite often used in sports car construction, the car weighs in at the target of 1598kg. Of course, lighter weight also significantly contributes to its overall performance.”

Pushing the boundaries of environmentally-sustainable powertrains, and innovative materials technology, Emerg-e brings the future of the automobile to life.

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Motor type (synchronous), Twin rotor motors, one per rear wheel
EVO Electric Synchronous DC Brushless drive.

Motor peak power, revs 150kW per motor (300kW total for vehicle) available for 30s or less.  Flat distribution of power circa 3000 RPM upwards
Motor peak torque, revs 1000Nm
ICE cylinders, capacity Lotus 3-cylinders, 1.2litre
ICE peak power, revs 35kW at 3500rpm
ICE peak torque, revs 107Nm at 2500rpm
Transmission Xtrac Single-speed (4.588:1 reduction box)
Battery type Lithium-ion phosphate
Battery capacity, amps 1000
Peak power 300 kW
Energy 14.8kW/h (at 25deg)
Recharge time (from 13amps) 10 hours (6 hours at 16amps)
Fuel tank capacity (litres) 30.6 litres

Chassis and Body

Construction Bonded, extruded aluminium chassis, carbon fibre bodywork
Length 4464mm
Width 1954mm
Height 1219mm
Wheelbase 2624mm
Weight 1598 kg
Drag coefficient 0.340 cd
Suspension, front Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension. Front Anti-roll bar. Bilstein dampers, Eibach springs.
Suspension, rear Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension. Bilstein dampers, Eibach springs.
Brakes, front Ventilated disc, 350mm dia
Brakes, rear Ventilated disc, 332mm dia
Steering Rack and pinion
Assistance Electro Hydraulic PAS
Wheels 8J x 19″ dia. (front) / 9.5J x 20″ dia. (rear)
Tyres 235/35 r19 (front) / 275/30 r20 (rear)


0-60mph 4.0sec
0-130mph 30.0secs
Max speed 130mph
Range, EV mode 30 miles
Full range 300 miles
CO2 emissions, EV mode Zero
CO2 emissions, r-e mode 55g/km (NEDC cycle)


After four years as Infiniti’s icon and top-seller in Europe, the Infiniti FX for 2012 was reinvigorated with a package of enhancements that puts its acclaimed blend of athletic design, inspired performance and modern luxury into sharper focus than ever before.


• Expressive design for the most sporting looking of all large crossovers
• Front end inspired by Essence concept and as previewed by upcoming FX Vettel Version
• Stunning 20 inch wheel design and exclusive body colours
• Three high performance engines: V6 diesel, V6 petrol and V8 petrol
• Four exceptionally well equipped grades
• Five-star safety and award-winning technology
• Fifty six Infiniti Centres now open in 19 European countries – more than 200 on course to open Centres by the end of 2016

Seductive revision for the iconic performance crossover

It is the sports car among luxury crossovers, the most dynamic looking car in the class and inspired in all the right places – chiefly performance. As the best-selling model in Infiniti’s European range, it is also the car that has introduced the luxury automotive brand from Japan to more people in Europe than any other. It is the Infiniti FX, the perfect fusion of sports car and SUV and the car that created a whole new product category. In just four years the FX has become not just the brand icon in Europe but also the standard-bearer for the driving pleasure, peace of mind and hospitality on which Infiniti is founded.

With the 2012 range an array of finely-judged enhancements combines with FX developments such as its five-star Euro NCAP crash test result and available extra features ¬– including power tailgate and award-winning Lane Departure Prevention

The latest FX changed most at the front, inheriting the same face as the upcoming Infiniti FX Vettel Edition, which itself picks up on design cues explored by Infiniti’s highly influential 2009 concept car, Essence. The grille and revised bumper profile, together with fog lights set in chrome surrounds, define a look that is more FX than ever, enforcing the FX’s position as the most athletic-looking large crossover on the road. Inside, there are small but important changes that similarly reinforce the essential FX DNA.

Sporting appeal is ramped up on GT and GT Premium derivatives with a distinctive, five double-spoke design of 20-inch wheel; S versions, with the availability of Rear Active Steering (RAS) among a long list of handling-oriented features, stay with their 21-inch wheels. More choice for FX owners is offered with the latest exterior paint colour, Iridium Blue. It is Infiniti’s latest Scratch Shield finish and available exclusively on the FX. Graphite Shadow is additionally available on all FX models.

The FX range for 2012 is made up of four grades. The GT is the complete luxury package and the S the more overtly sporting choice, while Premium versions of both the GT and the S major on technology with a wide-ranging suite of safety and convenience features as standard. All grades are available with either a 3.0-litre V6 diesel of 175kW (238PS) and impressive 550Nm of torque, or Infiniti’s charismatic 3.7-litre petrol V6 offering 235kW (320PS). The current performance flagship, the FX50 with 287kW (390PS) 5.0-litre V8, is available in S Premium guise only. Every FX is equipped with Infiniti’s intelligent torque-sensing all-wheel drive system as well as a 7-speed adaptive shift automatic transmission with solid magnesium gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

The pinnacle of the FX range, the FX Vettel Version, is due to reach its first owners early in 2013. The most powerful, expensive and exclusive Infiniti ever sold in Europe, the FX Vettel Version is a collaboration between Red Bull Racing’s World Champion driver and Infiniti global brand ambassador, Sebastian Vettel, and Infiniti’s Chief Creative Officer, Shiro Nakamura. Just 50 of the 420PS V8 models will be available for Western Europe, with reservations now being taken.

FX in Europe – the story so far
The latest generation FX, a model previously sold chiefly in the USA, made its European debut at the Geneva show in 2008, forming a key part of the brand’s European launch later that year. Acclaimed for rewriting the large crossover design rulebook, it quickly became synonymous with everything the new luxury brand from Japan stands for, putting Infiniti’s fresh thinking on performance, design and customer service firmly on the European map.

The FX became a hit with buyers in all corners of the continent, establishing itself as the best-selling Infiniti. The FX established something else too: by selling mostly in top S Premium grade, it began a trend for high-spec models that has characterised all Infiniti sales in Europe since then. Today, eight out of 10 FXs in Europe are fitted with Intelligent Cruise Control and Around View Monitor while virtually all (98%) are equipped with the acclaimed Connectiviti+ navigation and entertainment system.

The FX37 and FX50 were joined in 2010 by an FX powered by an all-new 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine, precursor of a diesel-engined family of Infinitis for Europe. Just as much a high performance machine as any petrol-powered Infiniti, the FX30d’s massive 550Nm of torque immediately put it in the front rank of diesel-engined crossovers.

Reflecting the brand’s uniquely different take on the luxury car market, Infiniti owners are all individuals, successful free-thinkers who are neither hidebound by the past nor concepts of badge snobbery. They are young by class standards (average age is 48), invariably own a business and more than 90% of them have traded up from other premium brands, most commonly BMW (followed by Audi, Mercedes and Porsche). More than 70% of FX customers already owned an SUV. Owners place design as the number one FX strength, closely followed by standard equipment, technology, acceleration, quality and interior style. Infiniti FX owners love their cars, as shown by a 93% satisfaction rating – far higher than the average for the class.

The 2012 FX goes on sale in Europe at a time when the FX’s market performance is stronger than ever, with sales up 31% in 2011 over the previous year. Germany is the FX’s largest market, the top six completed by the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium. Pan-European engine mix of the 2012 FX range is expected to be 90% diesel, 4% V8 petrol and 6% V6 petrol.


Exterior design
Acknowledged by many to be in a design class of its own within the large crossover sector, the FX’s sports car-inspired looks and proportions continue to stand out in a market populated by much boxier shapes. Buyers consistently cite design as their number one reason for choosing the FX, with almost a third more declaring it their first priority compared with the Porsche Cayenne. For 2012, and the first refresh of the car’s appearance since the FX made its debut in Geneva in 2008, the model gets more of what makes it so sportily distinctive.

Body changes are confined to the front of the car. Infiniti’s trademark double arch grille has been subtly reshaped at the sides, forming a powerful new line that connects the grille more clearly with the wings and bonnet. It is a more integrated look that reinforces the dynamism by tieing the whole front end together even more tautly. The expressive design was first explored on the Infiniti Essence of 2009 – what is still a highly influential concept for the company – and has since been adopted on other models in the Infiniti range, including 2013’s FX Vettel Version.

As well as the grille and reprofiled bumper section, the front fog lights are now set in teardrop-shaped chrome trims. Bold new paint finishes and a distinctive new design of lightweight 20-inch alloy wheel join with the front treatment to present what is a freshly distinctive overall appearance for 2012. In the only-for-FX Iridium Blue paint, the FX’s undoubted street presence is taken up a notch, particularly in GT and GT Premium form. Exclusive to these models is a five double-spoke alloy wheel designed to represent the ultimate in Infiniti high performance. S and S Premium models stay with 21-inch wheels.

In other ways the 2012 FX stays faithful to its predecessor’s athletic good looks, so expressive of the model’s performance personality. Dominated by its long and flowing bonnet, muscular shoulder line and coupé-like window profile, its body eschews the traditional boxy and “on stilts” 4×4 look in favour of a far sleeker profile, albeit one that still delivers all the room and versatility that buyers expect of large crossovers.

The powerful stance is heightened by a long wheelbase and wide track, leaving only vestigial overhangs, particularly at the front where the engine sits low down and far back in Infiniti’s FM “front-midship” chassis. It’s an arrangement that brings dynamic as well as aesthetic advantages.

Interior design
Little needed to be done to refresh an interior whose ambience, quality and comfort perfectly sum up the Infiniti ethos with its reliance on organic shapes and natural materials. So little was done. The key changes inside the 2012 FX were a switch from red to white for the needles on the dials and clearer new white illumination for the trip computer panel – a perfect illustration of Infiniti’s obsession with perfection in every detail.

The FX’s interior is just as successful as the exterior design at marrying the appeal of a sports car with the passenger comforts, and space, of a luxury SUV. The FX offers high-set seats and superb all-round visibility – aided on Premium versions by Around View Monitor. Even the biggest fans of the “command” driving position will approve. Everything for the driver has been designed with utmost clarity, precision and intuitive feel in a notably driver-centric way.

Attention to detail shows in the diagonally stitched leather upholstery and elegant analogue clock, while Infiniti insists on using as many natural materials as possible – witness not just the quilted leather and Maple Wood trim, but also the wool carpet and solid metal fittings such as the aluminium pedals and magnesium gear shift paddles. The richness of the materials allied to Infiniti’s modern take on traditional Japanese craftsmanship results in a cabin with a warmth at odds with the colder, more technical appeal of German rivals.

FX seats lack for nothing. The GT driver’s seat comes with 10-way power adjustment, including the all-important variable lumbar support to ensure long journeys pass ache-free. The S gets sports seats featuring 14-way electric adjustment; both thigh and backrest bolsters can be moved in or out to ensure ideal cornering support. Unlike some makes, the passenger is not left out: every FX comes with an 8-way power front passenger seat. Both front seats in all 2012 FX versions feature both heating and cooling systems. In the rear, the seat backrests recline for added passenger comfort on longer journeys.

While the FX’s long wheelbase ensures plenty of legroom for up to five people and a 410-litre boot, it also allows the flagship Infiniti to double up as an effective load carrier when required. The rear seat backrests, split one-third/two-thirds, fold down to extend the completely flat luggage deck when extra cargo space is needed.

A power tailgate, standard on all versions, enhances the FX’s already impressive convenience. The height the tailgate opens to is programmable so there are no concerns when operating the door in restricted spaces. For maximum ease of use, the tailgate can be raised or lowered from a switch on the dashboard, from buttons both inside and outside the tailgate, or remotely from the I-Key.

All 2012 FXs come with quilted leather seat facings. Standard interior trim is Cello Flame Maple, with black lacquer and aluminium one of very few options.

Drivetrains: V9X – Infiniti’s first diesel engine
The Infiniti FX’s newest, lowest CO2 engine is also its torquiest, with more pull even than the 5.0-litre petrol V8. The resultant outstanding overtaking ability goes hand-in-hand in the 2012 FX30d with signature Infiniti refinement and fuel efficiency that offers the potential of an 1100km touring range thanks to an extra-urban fuel consumption of 7.8 l/100km.

Developed by the Alliance but very much a bespoke Infiniti powerplant, the V9X is a common-rail 3.0-litre V6 with piezo injection and 1800 bar fuel pressure. Its engine block is made of compacted graphite iron (CGI) to save weight –something at which the FX is already notably better than many rivals – while delivering the strength and refinement essential for an Infiniti. CGI is up to 75% stiffer than iron but, in the case of the FX30d’s engine block, weighs 22% less. A 65 degree vee angle, with the turbo mounted within the vee, ensures maximum packaging efficiency.

Smooth and free revving, this high performance engine is virtually inaudible from inside at idle and under constant load, while what noise it emits under acceleration has been specially honed for maximum sporting appeal.

A variable nozzle turbocharger boosts power to a peak of 175kW (238PS) at 3750rpm, making it among the most powerful single-turbo diesel units available. The V6’s torque output of 550Nm, which peaks at just 1750rpm, guarantees effortless acceleration when it is most needed.

Paired to the standard Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) 7-speed automatic transmission, performance is impressive: top speed is 212km/h and 0-100km/h takes just 8.3 seconds. The combined cycle fuel consumption figure is 9.0 l/100km and CO2 is 238g/km.

Drivetrains: 5.0-litre V8 – power with efficiency
Infiniti’s flagship engine ensures the FX50 is one of the fastest and most rewarding crossovers on the road, with a breathtaking turn of speed and the muscular exhaust note to back it up. Featuring twin symmetrical air intakes, microfinished crankshaft, lightweight pistons, super-silent cam drive chains and VVEL valve timing – Infiniti’s guarantee of high power but also maximum efficiency – the V8 is an engineering masterclass.

The engine delivers 287kW (390PS) at 6500rpm, with a red-line 300rpm higher – relatively high for a V8 thanks to VVEL. The V8’s torque peaks at 500Nm at 4400rpm, a flat curve below that ensuring pulling power is never in short supply.

The FX50 S Premium delivers stunning acceleration with 0-100km/h coming up in just 5.8 seconds, while the efficiency benefits of the VVEL system are shown by its fuel consumption of 13.1 l/100km (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of 307g/km.

Drivetrains: 3.7-litre V6 – legendary sporting appeal
The FX37 in both GT and S guises is powered by Infiniti’s illustrious 3.7-litre V6. Regularly honoured in independent awards the world over, the twin-cam 24-valve engine produces 235kW (320PS) at 7000rpm with 360Nm of torque at 5200rpm. This all-alloy sporting engine endows the FX with performance to shame many a sports car: 0-100 km/h takes just 6.8 seconds while the top speed is 233km/h.

The FX37’s fuel economy (combined cycle) is 12.1 l/100km while the CO2 figure is 282g/km. The balance between performance and economy is born of an engineered-in efficiency whose headline attribute is Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) which also features on the V8. This patented technology continuously adjusts the valves, unleashing not just great power but doing so with higher torque and improved emissions over conventional variable valve engines.

Enthusiasts will also notice another engineered-in trait of this charismatic engine: a sporting V6 soundtrack to please the keenest drivers.

Whatever the engine, all FXs are equipped as standard with steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles, crafted out of solid magnesium – an integral part of the FX’s inherent sporting appeal.


Model                        FX30d                       FX37                           FX50

Engine                       V6, 2993cc                 V6, 3696cc                   V8, 5026cc

Max power            175kW (238PS)           235kW (320PS)          287kW (390PS)

Max torque           550Nm @1750rpm    360Nm @5200rpm    500Nm @4400rpm

Top speed             212km/h                      233km/h                       250km/h

0-100km/h            8.3 sec                           6.8 sec                        5.8 sec

Fuel (combined)     9.0 l/100km             12.1 l/100km                 13.1 l/100km

CO2 emissions       238g/km                    282g/km                        307g/km

Mechanical layout
Under the FX’s assertive exterior is an equally advanced body structure, based around Infiniti’s FM platform. The “front midship” layout ensures sports car-like front-to-rear weight balance and a relatively low centre of gravity, exactly what is needed for stable cornering. Together with a highly rigid but weight-saving body – aluminium doors alone save 20kg over steel – the FX provides not just superb handling but also very low levels of noise, vibration and harshness.

The double wishbone front/multilink rear suspension delivers the ideal balance between comfort and handling precision. Handling is brought into sharper focus on S variants with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) shock absorbers and (on all except the FX37) Rear Active Steering (RAS).

Unlike conventional fixed damping-force shock absorbers, active CDC suspension of FX S variants continuously alters the damping to provide optimal ride and handling whatever the road surface. The system features a driver-selectable switch with two settings – Auto and Sport.

The more driver-oriented emphasis of S models is highlighted in the FX30d and FX50 by RAS. Unlike passive rear steering systems, this Infiniti technology features precise, electric motor-driven control to turn the rear wheels up to one degree, helping generate a nimble steering response at low speeds and enhance stability at high speeds. The FX’s steering is vehicle-speed sensitive and honed to provide good feedback and linear responses.

All FXs are equipped with one of the foremost intelligently-controlled all-wheel drive systems in production, Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split (ATTESA E-TS). An active torque management system controls a centre clutch to distribute torque front to rear according to traction requirements. The power is constantly being adjusted, from 100% to the rear to up to 50% to the front, so that grip is maximized on slippery surfaces. It’s a system that comes into its own when driving on snow, mud or sand.

Crucially, this all-wheel drive safety doesn’t compromise handling feel on dry roads. Unlike permanent 4×4 systems, which can deaden the steering and dull the driving dynamics, the FX’s electromagnetic torque transfer system delivers a rear-wheel drive handling feel, even allowing for an element of oversteer.

Secure braking performance is provided by ventilated disc brakes front and rear, with 4-piston opposed front/2-piston opposed rear callipers. Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) are standard.

• Lane Departure Warning and Prevention
• Intelligent Cruise Control with Low Speed Following
• Distance Control Assist
• Forward Collision Warning
• Intelligent Brake Assist

The 2012 range of Infiniti FX crossovers has been designed to perform at the highest levels of both passive and active safety. EuroNCAP agrees: the independent safety authority has awarded the FX five stars for crash safety as well as scoring it a remarkable 99% in “safety assist” – a reflection of both the FX’s highly advanced safety technologies and the fact that the majority of Infinitis sold feature them as standard equipment.

In addition in 2011 the FX was honoured with a rarely-given EuroNCAP Advanced Award in recognition of Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). When introduced in the FX in 2010, LDP represented a first in Europe. Standard on all FX Premium versions, the innovative technology “demonstrates a scientifically proven safety benefit for consumers and society,” according to EuroNCAP.

Unlike simpler lane departure warning systems, LDP backs up its audible and visual alerts of an unintended lane departure with a dynamic intervention which helps steer the vehicle back into the correct lane. LDP only operates at speeds higher than 72km/h. The system needs to be activated by the driver each time the engine is started via a switch on the steering wheel, although the warning function of the system is automatically on.

Designed to reduce accidents caused by inattentive driving or drowsiness, LDP represents considerable extra peace of mind for FX drivers. Infiniti predicts that around 5000 deaths a year in Europe could be prevented if LDP were fitted to every vehicle.

LDP is part of an array of technology that collectively makes up Infiniti’s Safety Shield, an invisible bubble of protection all around the vehicle. Safety Shield integrates different systems in order to manage all accident phases, from risk identification and avoidance to post-crash. Infiniti engineers believe a safe car is not just one that performs well in crash tests, but also one that helps the driver avoid the accident in the first place. Safety Shield is a key factor in Infiniti’s aim to halve the number of fatal and serious accidents involving Infiniti vehicles by 2015.

Other safety technologies available on the 2012 FX range include:
Adaptive Front Lighting (AFL – standard on all): Bi-Xenon headlights turn into corners (by up to 17 degrees) with the steering wheel to help the driver see around bends at night. The lighting pattern and aim are controlled automatically.

Around View Monitor (AVM – standard on GT Premium and S Premium models): Ensuring complete peace of mind when manoeuvring in tight spots, Around View Monitor relies on wide-angle cameras on the car’s front, back and sides to provide a 360-degree bird’s eye view of any obstacles – or children – around the vehicle. GT and S models come as standard with a rear-view camera and parking sensors.

Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA – standard on GT Premium and S Premium models)
Mitigates damage in nose-to-tail crashes. If IBA detects that a collision with a car in front is imminent, it first warns the driver and then applies the brakes if the driver fails to respond.

Intelligent Cruise Control with Low Speed Following (ICC – standard on GT Premium and S Premium models): ICC ensures you are never dangerously close to the vehicle in front when the cruise control is operating. This system uses laser sensors to maintain a set distance to the vehicle ahead, autonomously slowing or accelerating the FX as required. The Low Speed Following function automatically adapts the ICC to provide the same level of protection in slow-moving driving situations such as congested city traffic.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW – standard on GT Premium and S Premium models): Warns the driver when there is the risk of a collision ahead.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM – standard on all): Provides total confidence in the condition of the tyres. Transmitters inside each wheel send the air pressures of all four tyres to a dashboard display where the driver can see in an instant if there is a problem. A warning lamp automatically comes on if any one tyre falls below 75% of normal pressure.

Vehicle Dynamic Control with Traction Control (VDC – standard on all): Helps prevent skids and improve traction. Infiniti’s stability control incorporates electronic safeguards against wheelspin and understeer/oversteer situations on slippery roads. The system automatically adjusts brake pressure and engine torque, helping the driver keep the vehicle on its intended path.

The FX is available in two highly specified trim themes, GT with the emphasis on luxury, and S with a more sporting accent. Both GT and S are available in high-technology Premium grades which reflect a Europe-wide customer preference for top-end FXs. Premium models are equipped as standard with virtually every feature in Infiniti’s portfolio including the suite of active safety technology and Infiniti’s much-praised Connectiviti+ information and entertainment platform. When adjusted for features, the FX claims up to a 24% price advantage (depending on model and country) over rivals such as the BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne.


A unique market proposition and a new sector benchmark in power and efficiency, the Infiniti M35h unleashes 364 PS (268 kW) from new-generation hybrid technology to take the brand’s Inspired Performance to the highest level yet, while CO2 emissions are just 159g/km. Infiniti’s fastest and cleanest model completes the M37 and M30d models to make a three-way choice in Europe.

At a glance
• Infiniti’s first hybrid and first to use new-generation Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid technology
• Power with efficiency: 364 PS (268 kW) with 6.9 l/100km on the combined cycle
• High performance with low emissions: 0-100 km/h in 5.5 secs with 159 g/km of CO2
• World’s fastest accelerating hybrid saloon according to the Guiness World Records
• Up to 120km/h on electric motor alone for exceptional economy in ‘coasting’ mode for highway driving
• One electric motor/twin clutch system delivers linear performance and consistent rear-drive handling
• Up to 80km/h possible on electric motor alone upon acceleration
• Innovative steering, braking and power regeneration technologies
• Audible pedestrian warning system as standard
• Shares elegant design and luxury cabin with other Infiniti M models
• Two versions, GT and GT Premium, both with exceptional specification


Third of a trio of high performance V6 saloons to challenge Europe’s established executive car hierarchy, the M35h is the first model from Japan’s newest luxury automotive manufacturer to bear the badge, Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid. This new-generation technology brings a no-compromise approach to luxury performance motoring that enables the M35h to excel across the performance cruising and sports car speed and responsiveness on challenging roads.

Boasting a maximum combined output of 364 PS (268 kW), the petrol/electric four-door’s combination of power with low emissions stands scrutiny from any petrol, diesel or hybrid rival. In the high performance class, the M35h is more accelerative than any V6 diesel competitor, cleaner and more economical than any V6 petrol contender. With the 0-100 km/h sprint taking just 5.5 seconds, an official NEDC (New European Drive Cycle) fuel consumption on the combined cycle of 6.9 l/100km and CO2 emissions of 159 g/km, Infiniti’s technology leader stands as the new exemplar of hybrid development – quicker and more economical than most rivals, even those which cost substantially more.

The M35h is a full hybrid with V6 engine and electric motor able to work in series or parallel mode, enabling the car to be driven by electricity, petrol or a combination of both. Thanks to features such as a decoupling V6 engine, powerful 68 PS (50 kW) electric motor and highly responsive lithium-ion battery pack, Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid does more than any other system to extend the hybrid’s city advantage to the open road. Tests have shown that the M35h can drive further, for longer and at higher speeds on electric power than hybrids currently on sale. During trials, the Infiniti M35h was able to drive in electric-only mode for up to 50% of the time over a mixed route that included highways as well as congested city streets.

An official extra urban cycle fuel consumption of 5.6 l/100km promises owners exceptional cruising economy and a touring range of up to around 1200 km – a considerable accomplishment for a near 5m-long luxury saloon with a 250 km/h top speed and acceleration to embarrass many sports cars. As well as achieving this diesel-like fuel economy – despite offering more performance than its diesel rivals – the M35h matches its diesel class competitors in the area of CO2 emissions.

Key features of the hybrid system include a single electric motor to save weight, no torque converter to reduce mechanical losses, and linear performance and consistent handling feel thanks to seamless petrol/electric power delivery to the rear wheels only, enhancing the responsiveness essential for maximum driver appeal. A 7-speed transmission, fully automated, further boosts driver appeal.

In addition the Infiniti M35h is equipped with innovative new hybrid electric power steering and regenerative braking, a hybrid dashboard display showing energy flows and a low-speed audible warning system, Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians (VSP) – the first time such a system has been made standard on any hybrid. VSP emits a non-intrusive sound that varies in pitch and volume at vehicle speeds up to about 30 km/h to help ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users when the M35h is in silent electric mode.

An M in all other ways

The M saloon, an all-new car launched throughout Europe in 2010, provides the perfect base for such a technology flagship. Set apart only by its badges, the M35h shares the same highly distinctive, exceptionally aerodynamic body (Cd: 0.26) and spacious cabin as its M counterparts. Based on the FM (Front-Midship) platform, the M35h delivers incisive handling matched by exceptional ride comfort tuned for European roads.

As well as offering a five-star ownership experience in the Infiniti manner, both GT and GT Premium models are well equipped as standard. The GT Premium version comes with some of the most advanced safety, luxury, convenience and communication/entertainment systems available anywhere.

• leather upholstery
• Heated and ventilated climate-control front seats
• Japanese Ash wood trim
• Bi-Xenon Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) cornering headlights with washer
• Hard Disk Drive Infiniti Music Box with CD reader and USB/iPod connectivity
• Bose® Premium Sound System with 10 Speakers
• Power adjustable front seats and steering column
• Dual-zone climate control
• Soft auto closing trunk
• Electric sunroof


• Semi aniline premium leather upholstery
• Blind Spot Warning and InterventionTM
• Distance Control Assist
• Intelligent Cruise Control with Low Speed Following
• Forward Collision Warning
• Lane Departure Warning and Prevention
• Eco Pedal
• Forest Air® climate control (optional on GT)
• 30GB HDD navigation system with high-res 3D graphics and Michelin Guide information (optional on GT)
• 16-speaker Bose® Premium surround sound music system


Petrol/electric drivetrain
The Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid system is notable for its compactness, light weight and high efficiency coupled with the power and directness of response essential for Infiniti-grade driving appeal. It mates a 306 PS (225 kW) 3.5-litre V6 with a single electric motor, at 68 PS (50 kW) among the most powerful of any hybrid, in a two-clutch layout.

The first (dry) clutch is installed between the V6 and the electric motor/transmission. Electronically controlled, it allows the full decoupling of the V6 when the car is in electric drive and power regeneration modes. Decoupling, which reduces mechanical drag and boosts the efficiency of the electric motor, doesn’t just occur in slow-moving traffic but also at speed on open roads for a sensation similar to coasting.

The second (wet) clutch is sited on the other side of the electric motor. It is packaged within the transmission where its function replaces that of a conventional torque converter, in effect turning the 7-speed gearbox into an automated manual – with a cut in fuel consumption of up to 10% over an equivalent torque converter automatic.

The electronically-controlled transmission enhances responsiveness for a sportier-feeling drive. Acceleration is seamless thanks to motor-assisted gear-shifting that ensures ratio changes aren’t just eye-blink fast but also completely smooth.

The electric motor, which is embedded within the transmission, is rated at 68 PS with 270 Nm of torque at 1770rpm. The motor acts as both propulsion unit, either alone or in tandem with the V6 when maximum acceleration is required, and also as a power generator and starter motor. As well as charging the battery in the normal way, the motor recovers energy otherwise lost during deceleration and braking.

Advanced regenerative braking and a high output lithium-ion battery pack, notable for its fast charge/discharge response, enables the M35h to employ silent, emissions-free electric running at every opportunity, even at speeds as high as 120 km/h.

The 3.5-litre V6 was chosen for torque characteristics (350 Nm at 5000 rpm) that perfectly complement the electric motor’s output, negating the need to install the 3.7-litre VVEL V6. The electric motor’s high torque from zero rpm provides strong step-off performance and contributes to the sporting feel at low speeds.

Innovative steering and braking
The M35h’s steering is an electro-hydraulic system with “on-demand” assistance. It offers the advantages of both types of steering – the natural feel of hydraulic power steering and the improved fuel efficiency of an electric system – while the motor cuts in only when the wheel is turned, boosting efficiency. The system is more compact and lighter than traditional power steering set-ups.

The brakes are similarly designed primarily to suit sports sedan buyers’ needs, but at the same time contributing to the M35h’s lower carbon footprint. The engineers looked to the hybrid system itself for the solution. What they came up with – a way to use the vehicle’s electric drive motor to operate the brake cylinders – represents another world-first innovation for the Japanese brand.

The system is called Electric Driven Intelligent Brake. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the necessary braking force is maintained while the hydraulic pressure of the friction brake is controlled to help maximize the energy regeneration of the hybrid motor.

Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians (VSP)

The Infiniti M35h is the world’s first hybrid to feature an audible pedestrian warning system as standard. The system utilises a range of distinctive sounds to help ensure the M35h cannot surprise pedestrians and the visually impaired as it approaches silently under electric power.

VSP is computer controlled and links an in-car sound synthesizer with a speaker built in to the front bumper. The system automatically works from start-up to around 30 km/h,cutting back in at about 20 km/has the vehicle slows.

After extensive research to find the most effective, but least intrusive, noise a sine-wave that extends from 2.5kHz at the high end to a low of 600Hz was chosen. The noise changes frequency depending on vehicle speed and whether the M35h is accelerating or decelerating. It is loudest at start-up to give a clear indication that the vehicle is beginning to move off, while an intermittent tone is used when reversing (not for the UK).

The M family
The M35h joins a range of models whose athletic looks, seductive cabins and advanced features mark them out as the most complete incarnation yet of Infiniti’s passion for driving pleasure, craftsmanship and technology.


Model                     M30d            M37                 M35h

Fuel                       Diesel           Petrol            Petrol/electric hybrid

Power                   238 PS          320 PS          364 PS

Torque                  550 Nm         360 Nm         350/270 Nm V6/electric motor

0-100 km/h           6.9 secs        6.2 secs        5.5 secs

Combined fuel   7.5 l/100km   10.2 l/100km  6.9 l/100km

CO2                        199 g/km      235 g/km      159 g/km

Infiniti expects the M35h to account for 25% of European M sales and the diesel M30d 55%, with 20% of buyers going for the M37 petrol.