Inside the Sahara Force India VJM05 2012 Formula One race car with Otmar Szafnauer and Andrew Green

Otmar Szafnauer, Chief Operating Officer at Sahara Force India talks about VJM05 2012 Formula One race car development. “This year we haven’t done that, so it’s been more of a traditional winter development programme.” “However, it’s been shortened, because we finished last season nearly in December!

“The new car has come together nicely. It’s all about how much we develop it under the new regulations versus what the others have done, which will be difficult to judge until the first race. But from our perspective we’ve made some gains over the winter. Our objective is to start our season strongly and continue our development.”

Technical Director Sahara Force India, Andrew Green had this to say. “The approach is to use that foundation and carry on building on it.” “We have a lot more confidence in the aerodynamics we put on the car now, compared to previous years. I think that showed from the time we changed the car in Barcelona and for the rest of the season. We were putting updates on at almost every race and the performance was improving.

“We’re happy with the strategy we’ve got and we’re pushing the boundaries even further. So we’re going to use what we learned last year as the foundation. There’s been a bit of clawing back to do with the exhaust regulations and that’s been the main focus of attention over the winter.”

“I would say that the car looks a lot more refined than previous cars produced here. It does look a lot racier and a lot more purposeful. You can start to see the aerodynamic concepts coming through now. It looks quite a bit different to the previous years, which is good.” “And so far the performance in the tunnel has been encouraging. It’s just that unknown of where everyone else is – and we won’t know that until Melbourne.”