Integrity Exports offers Double Guarantee scheme when purchasing vehicles in Japan so customers are not “Taken for a Ride”

Integrity Exports, a Japanese car auction sourcing company has brought out a Double Guarantee scheme whereby customers importing cars from Japan are offered a certain level of assurance thus making cars from Japanese car auctions a trouble free experience.

One of the major concerns when purchasing a car at an auction is whether what you see is what you get and you are not being taken for a ride. This is what is holding most bidders back when participating in auto auctions. Recently, the economic downturn followed by an appreciating Yen has made a number of auto exporting houses resort to rather immoral and deceitful practices to ensure better profits to keep their businesses afloat.

Integrity Exports came up with this novel venture to source used cars from Japan to auction to customers across the globe with a host of risk free and authentic terms and conditions so as to ensure that people buying these cars are not cheated or conned in any way.

It is a Double Guarantee in a way that the car exporting company offers customers the vehicle at a competitive price never more than the customer’s maximum budget. A Never Over guarantee ensures bidding does not end up over the budget, while Actual Price guarantee reserves customer’s right to receive the actual invoice which the auction company receives from the car auction itself.

Read below what Mr Stephen Munday from Integrity Exports has to say.

“Our mission has always been to make buying cars from Japanese car auctions a stress-free and smooth experience. One of the top concerns for car importers round the world when buying from Japan is this niggling question: ’Can I really trust these guys not to rip me off?’”

“It’s actually a really good question as, unfortunately, the economic downturn and strong Yen have resulted in a lot of car exporters resorting to unscrupulous practices in their efforts to save their businesses”

“So we got thinking about how we can make sourcing used cars from Japan as risk-free as possible for our customers. We’re already members in good standing with JUMVEA, the official industry association, and we enjoy an excellent reputation with our clients. But we wanted to communicate that sense of assurance to people who aren’t buying from us yet. That’s what this Double Guarantee is all about”

“Bidding at these auctions is part science and part art. It’s not like eBay. It’s all in real time and over in 20 to 45 seconds with competing bidders clicking buttons across Japan. When we get close to the customer’s max, we don’t want to hold back and miss getting the car. But at the same time, the customer doesn’t want us to go over and expect him to pick up that extra cost”

“Other exporters will just try to brush it off and pass those extra few thousands of Yen on to the customer. We don’t do that. Our ’Never Over’ guarantee says to the customer, ’We’ll fight to get the car for you, and if that does take us a little over your budget, don’t worry because we’ll pay the difference out of our own pockets.’”

“So you see, this ’Never Over’ guarantee really does give our customers the best of both worlds: They know we’re going to push as hard as we can to win the bidding war, but at the same time they know they’ll never end up over budget”

“Here’s the problem you have with other exporters: You’re totally reliant on their honesty. They tell you they won your car for X Yen, and you just have to take their word for it. I’m sure some exporters are honest, but right now in particular, there’s a lot of pressure on the less scrupulous guys to overstate the auction price and skim off some extra profits.”

“Our goal has always been to be the trusted name in our industry. So as a business we have always been very clear we would never do this kind of thing anyway. But we were wondering how to make that clear to our customers.”

“So the ’Actual Price’ guarantee came into being. It’s really simple: As a customer, you have the right to receive a copy of the invoice we get from the car auction itself. You’ll see exactly how much they’re charging us for the car, and know for sure that we’re being honest with you.”