Irvin Gordon driving towards 3,190,000 miles

Irvin Gordon has driven his 1966 Volvo P1800S for over three million miles. At the time of purchase, his new Volvo came factory filled with Castrol motor oil. It’s been 49 years since, and Gordon has used Castrol for every service. Still powering on with the original engine, he has driven a distance equivalent to 120 laps around the world.

The one million miles mark came in 1987. Two million mile mark in 2002.Three million miles on September 18, 2013 on Alaska’s Seward Highway. Barring Hawaii, Irvin Gordon has visited every US state, and had a cup of coffee in each one. His drive record was first certified in 1998 at 1.69 million miles, followed by the 2.7 million mile in 2009. As on date, his mileage exceeds 3.1 million miles. As far as visiting Hawaii is concerned, he will make the trip when they build a bridge from California.

Having driven his Volvo P1800S for almost 50 years, Gordon has used over 112,889 gallons of gas, and 3,480 quarts of Castrol oil. The journey entailed 870 oil changes, and 20,000 miles in nine foreign countries. His three million mile drive equates to driving on every US road at least once. The association with Castrol will position Irvin Gordon as the ‘3 million mile man’, his Volvo as the ‘3 million mile car’ and Castrol GTX as the ‘3 million mile oil’. The campaign will help Gordon to reach

Irvin Gordon Volvo P1800S
Irvin Gordon Volvo P1800S: Going on 3,190,000 miles, after first being recognised at 1,690,000 miles.