Is Formula One only a male oriented event? Why is there dearth of women racers?

Is it a man’s world out there at Formula One?  How come there are only a handful if at all that many, female racers?  Is it lack of opportunity or is it lack of strength, stamina, grit and staying power that is keeping women away from the race track?  These questions need to be answered as in the past 62 years of World Championships only 5 women have entered the GP as compared to 822 men.

Is it because of lack of interest, lack of confidence in competing with men in their field or just not being given equal opportunities to show their abilities that has seen this marked differentiation in ratios? Some people think that it is difficult for women to compete in this male dominated bastion but at the same time there are thousands of male racers who also endeavor to get in but have failed.

There are only 24 seats on the grid (in F1) with only a few becoming vacant every year. On the other side of the coin there are only a few women racers trying to get in as compared to a hoard of male hopefuls so naturally there is going to be a marked difference in ratios. Once a woman does get in there is a great deal to keep in mind to show that they can withstand pressure to perform and keep abreast with their male counter parts and this causes additional strain in trying to be one up and compete in a male dominated sport.

Lella Lombardi is the only woman till date to score a championship point, back in 1975 at the Spanish Grand Prix. Susie Wolff, Williams development driver, said, “One of the main issues is that young girls have no one to aspire to growing up, whereas a young boy can grow up wanting to be Sebastian Vettel.”