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Is this how you will fix your car in the future? (Video)

Is this how you will fix your car in the future

A video has surfaced online, showing how a set of augmented reality glasses can instantly transforms anyone into a car mechanic. The glasses once worn, act as a step by step guidance to users allowing them to maintain and fix their cars without the need of an experienced car mechanic. The strange thing is that this video is about 5-6 years old, and we are yet to see this technology in everyday use.

This do-it-yourself apparatus gives detailed information on ways and means to tackle any problem in the car, be it replacement of parts or repairs of defective parts. BMW virtual Glasses give instructions on how to remove the defective part and replace it with a new part in a jiffy.

A video showing how these BMW virtual glasses work has been released which instantly turns any one into a fast thinking mechanic. The defective part is highlighted and instructions are dictated into how the part should be removed, which screws to be loosened, lines to be unclipped and intake ducts to be removed.

Once the new part is affixed, the user gets detailed instructions on a reverse process to ensure that the new part is safely and securely installed in the most suitable and correct manner. These instructions are not only written but also displayed and audible instructions can be heard thus leaving no scope for error. (via)

Is this how you will fix your car in the future


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