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Is this Mumbai Traffic Cop cheating bikers in broad daylight?

Is this Mumbai Traffic Cop cheating bikers

You be the judge after watching the video.

In a busy city like Mumbai, finding a parking spot for your vehicle can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Either you keep finding a ‘No Parking’ sign or no parking place where the parking is allowed. And when you do find a parking spot after roaming like a nomad in the heat, you feel like the luckiest person on this planet.

Once parked, you move-on with your business as your bike is now safe and secured. But guess what. You were wrong. by the time you will be back, your bike would have probably been towed away by Mumbai Traffic Police. Atleast this what the video below claims.

Uploaded on Youtube under the username of Sunil Umar, he shows us how a Mumbai Traffic Cop was placing the ‘No Parking’ sign after towing the vehicles. When he tries to confront the cop, about what is going on, the cop is seen trying to snatch and break his smartphone.

We are not sure whether the person who is recording the video is also the owner of one of the towed bikes or is just a concerned citizen.

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