Isuzu D-Max now available in cab chassis and company fitted AC variants in India

Japanese utility vehicle makers, Isuzu Motors India have added two new variants to the Isuzu D-Max UV in India. These two variants cater to the demands of customers and displays features of outstanding durability, and extreme reliability.

Isuzu D-Max cab chassis

D-Max Air-Conditioned Single Cab Flat Deck offers users enhanced comforts specially while travelling longer distances. Being air conditioned, this new variant reduces fatigue while productivity is enhanced specially in a country like India where temperatures reach well over to 40 degree Celsius mark during the summer months.

The D-Max Cab Chassis variant is ideally suited to the transport of food and beverages, perishables and hardware. Customers are given the liberty to customize this variant according to their own requirements while the incorporation of highly efficient refrigerators enables better performance and reduces wastage to a large extent.

Isuzu D-Max UV have received many awards for its durability and fuel efficiency. They are built on heavy duty chassis with wide cargo area for easy carrying of loads while high tensile steel offers better safety. Stability and suspension at the front and rear is enhanced due to incorporation of independent coil springs and rigid leaf springs while it is Isuzu engine technology that makes for better fuel efficiency and in turn profitable businesses.

Isuzu DMax AC variant

It possess features such as power steering, centralized locking, power windows and an extended cabin space of 1.5 feet behind the driver seat for storage of valuable or fragile goods. Buoyed by the success of these Isuzu D-Max UV in the country, Isuzu Motors is expanding its dealer network from a current 20 dealerships across the length and breadth of the country to 60 outlets by 2015-16.