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Isuzu Max Run Challenge 2014 from Vijayawada to Mumbai

Objective of Isuzu Max Run Challenge is to demonstrate high fuel efficiency of Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, as it tackles Indian road conditions. Each of these D-Max trucks will be fitted with GPS Telemetry Systemclosely monitored in case they encounter any difficulties along the route and also to validate distance travelled while tracking drive in real time. Performance of the D-Max pickups will be gauged as they take on the roughest of terrain, traffic conditions and steep climbs as they pass through the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra. Performance will be recorded by leading audit firm KPMG.

Isuzu Max Run 3 Day Challenge has been successfully carried out in Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Middle East and Malaysia and now comes to India to test and prove that the Isuzu D-Max is equally adept and fuel efficient, durable and reliable on Indian road conditions.

Vijayawada was selected as the starting point for this 3 day challenge, due to the fact that Vijayawada, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, is an important market for the company while a new manufacturing unit is also being planned in the state. Drivers for this challenge include an Isuzu dealer sales person, a D-Max customer and a commercial vehicle driver who are all out to prove efficiency and mileage of the D-Max pickup.

D-Max from Isuzu consists two cabin and two deck model options. The Single cab consists of a flat deck while the Space Cab has both flat and arched deck variants. D-Max is powered by a 2499cc 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine offering 134 bhp power at 3,600 rpm and 294 Nm torque at 1,800-3,200 rpm mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. The company claims that D-Max is capable of returning over 1,000km on a single 76 litre tank of diesel. It is priced from INR 5.99 lakhs for the single cab variant, INR 6.19 lakhs for the Flat deck Space deck variant and INR 7.09 lakhs for the Arched deck space cab variant.

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