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Isuzu V-Cross Owner Modifies SUV Back To Original After Getting Fined By Cops

Modified Isuzu V-Cross
Modified Isuzu V-Cross

BS6 version of Isuzu V-Cross is expected to be launched later this year

Isuzu V-Cross is one of the most popular lifestyle pickup trucks in India primarily since there are very few. It is also regarded as one of the better off-roaders in the country. V-Cross is also very popular among aftermarket modifiers as its robust structure allows for a wide range of customisation options.

One of the cases of a modified V-Cross in recent times that comes to our mind is the one in Kerala owned by Abin Abraham Babs. The model became famous as it was slapped a hefty fine of Rs 48,000 from Kerala MVD for using illegal modifications on the vehicle.

Modified Isuzu V-Cross Getting Fined
Modified Isuzu V-Cross Getting Fined

The V-Cross in discussion had been installed with a 12-inch lift kit and massive tyres which came into notice of local MVD authorities. The pickup truck has now been converted to its stock form and images of it have surfaced online. MVD Kerala on coming to know about this illegally modified pickup truck had sent a suspension notice to its owner which was valid for six months or till the time all modified parts are removed from the vehicle.

Modifications Rendered To V-Cross

Owner of the V-Cross, Abin, recently uploaded a video on YouTube captioning it “Bye Bye Mosnter”. The car was shown leaving his garage but the latest images indicate that all modifications done to the vehicle have been taken off and reversed to normal. The pickup truck now looks like a stock one apart from a few exterior changes. This includes a blacked-out front grille and removal of all chrome elements from the body.

Modified Isuzu V-Cross
Modified Isuzu V-Cross – Owner removing mods

Modifications list on the V-Cross was a long and exhaustive one with the main attraction being a 6-inch lift kit complemented by an additional air suspension unit of 6-inch from Air1 Performance. This effectively lifted it by 12 inches which gave it the impression of a monster truck. It received 16-inch Lenso rim alloy wheels wrapped by all-terrain tyres. It also received auxiliary LED lamps at front attached to a custom bull bar which gave it an extreme rugged look. Other notable modifications included aftermarket headlamps, grille, a customised exhaust system and a snorkel.

Since there was quite a long list of modifications, it took considerable time to get it to its original form. Now as per MVD Kerala, the vehicle needs to be presented at the local RTO for a physical inspection before the registration suspension can be lifted. Only then it would be allowed to run on public roads.

Isuzu V-Cross
Isuzu V-Cross – Modified Back to Original

Vehicle modifications is a tricky job since the government has declared most of the aftermarket modifications as illegal. While this has been done keeping in mind the safety of citizens and environment, it surely could be a bummer for those enthusiasts looking to give an exclusive identity to their vehicles and enhancing their capabilities.


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