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Jaguar Heritage Racing secures win at Freddie March Memorial trophy night race


The Goodwood revival racing weekend saw an impressive start with the Jaguar Heritage Racing team securing a win at the Freddie March Memorial Trophy night race held on Friday. The win brought to a close a superior season of racing which saw Jaguar Heritage racing in to the top podium spot.

The Freddie March Memorial Trophy night was a race which was started to honour the Goodwood nine hours race. This was the 60th anniversary of the race and the night race, a challenging 90 minute two driver encounter which left everyone clinging to the sides of their seats.

The Jaguar Heritage Racing team made it to the top over the likes of Aston martin, Maserati and Ferrari. Alex buncombe and john Young captained the ex-fangio C-type to an impressive win in this event. The sleek body and design of the C-type is the basis of the F-TYPE jaguar which will be premiered at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The Jaguar racing heritage has been designed to bring out the long forgotten C and D-TYPES back on racing circuits to showcase the history of these powerful racing machines.



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