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Jaguar India customer miffed, says donkey is better than XF

A white XF decked in home made posters that are a clear representation of the owners personal views regarding service related issues that have been bothering him stirred up things.

The poster on the front grill says, ‘Bogus Car’, ‘Bogus Company’, and ‘Bogus Service’. Then he asks ‘Is a donkey better or a car for Rs 50 lakhs’ He further reiterates, ‘It’s better to have 6 seater auto rickshaw then having a Jaguar, and as an afterthought, he adds, ‘It’s better to have a donkey than a Jaguar’. At one time even dealership employees seem to have gone past their wit’s end stage and joined in to see what was the matter.

The donkeys too had a field day, most likely wondering what the fuss was all about. The 8 of them probably didn’t mind it though as their handlers’ can be seen keeping them company. Even they are just as bemused and amused as the rest of us.

In creating the perfect atmosphere for the 4 legged hard workers, someone even thought of a hay bale for decoration, leaving some bits strewn on the XF rooftop, holding some up through the window glass, and a very novel use of windscreen wipers. Yes, they’re all good to hold up hay in case you were wondering.

The complainant Rahul Thakar has been dealing with varied car issues for a while now to take his protest to Jaguar’s doorstep. A call to the Cargo Motors Ahmedabad dealership ended in a very defensive and curt reply, ‘no comment’. Errant driver or the dealership’s inability to address ongoing issues is what it comes down to. For the most part, the XF’s had problems with its headlights, bumper and mechanical issues. As per the driver, it’s all come down to the dealership being unable to determine what’s gone wrong this time around. Cargo dealership and workshop is mum on that front too.

Talking about donkeys, it seems a tough world for them. Despite the hard work they undertake, everyone seems to think of them first when it comes to pulling a luxury vehicle. Or is it that donkeys are easy to find in Gujarat. Last time around, a Mercedes Benz E Class was dragged by 6 donkeys in Vadodara. Hardworking cattle seems a great motivator. Another enthusiast revealed, ‘My dad had done something similar way back in 1996/97 when the E class wouldn’t start at the Oberoi in Chowringhee. He had it towed by a few cows all the way.’ Don’t take it to heart though, the animals shown here are clearly a symbolic gesture in the current situation, and did not on this day actually pull a Jaguar.

UPDATE: A statement to Rush lane from a Jaguar Land Rover India spokesperson reads as follows, “At Jaguar, our ‘customer first’ philosophy is to provide consistent outstanding customer service around the world. This particular case has been investigated and the customer has been contacted with a view to resolving this issue as soon as possible.”

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