Jaguar Land Rover previews 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen – transparent roof pillars, ghost car

The Tata owned premium luxury car marque has demonstrated a new technology which makes the roof pillars transparent-like when needed. This feature is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen mission.

Jaguar Land Rover Ghost Car Navigation technology
JLR has developed transparent roof pillars for 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, while transparent hood is still in the making.
When an obstruction is heading towards the course of the car, and is eclipsed behind one of the pillars, exterior cameras capture the obstacle and show live feed on special displays on the surface of pillars. This creates a virtual continuation of windshield along the sides, so that driver can easily spot pedestrians, cyclists or other cars before it is too late to prevent a possible collision.

[youtube][/youtube]Whats more interesting here is that all the pillars don’t become transparent every time there is an obstacle behind. Then it would be turned on all the time when the car is driven in the city. Instead, the system recognises driver’s intention to change direction and detects when & which side he turns and then corresponding pillar is switched on for other-side display.

This is similar to Jaguar Land Rover’s transparent hood technology previewed in Discovery Vision concept.

The British firm is also working on Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation technology, which projects a virtual vehicle in front of the driver’s car, which he can manually follow to reach the destination fed in to the system.