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Jaguar Land Rover dealers offering discounts of up to INR 50 lakh. Here’s why

Now. Jaguar Land Rover dealers do not have old stock of BS3 vehicles. Even if they had, it is difficult to ascertain whether they would offer discounts to the tune of INR 50 lakhs. So if it is not BS3 stock, why are the JLR India dealers offering discounts in the first place?

Well, the reason is UKs exit from Europe, also known as Brexit. Thanks to Brexit, UK’s currency – GBP’s value has declined rapidly. Just a few months back, 1 GBP would have got you more than INR 100. But today, that same 1 GBP will get you about INR 80. This has resulted in dealers offering huge discounts on JLR cars in India.

?Jaguar Land Rover sells cars in India either via CKD (completely knocked down) or CBU (completely built unit) route. In the former, they import parts from the UK, and assemble here in India at their plant in Pune. In the latter method, they import the entire car, as is, from the UK.

With the value of UK Pound depreciating against Indian Rupee, JLR India is spending way less in buying the same cars / parts when they pay in INR. Thus, dealers are getting to buy the car from company at a much cheaper rate, which has now resulted in dealers offering mouth watering discounts to consumers.

 Amitabh Bachchan purchased Range Rover Vogue LWB last year.

As of now, only the Land Rover cars are offered at a discount which ranges from INR 3 to INR 50 lakh, depending on the model you purchase. The entry level Discovery Sport, which is sold as a CKD, is priced from INR 43.5 lakh, which is after a discount of INR 4 lakh. The Evoque (again a CKD) is priced from INR 45 lakh, post a discount of INR 3 lakh.

As for CBUs, the Range Rover Sport is now cheaper by a staggering INR 30 lakh, while the flagship Range Rover Vogue LWB, which costs INR 4+ crore, is being sold at a discount of INR 50 lakh. If you are in the market to buy a luxury SUV, there probably won’t be a better deal again.

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