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Jaguar Land Rover cars salvaged from Hoegh Osaka may be crushed

Hoegh Osaka had on board luxury cars of an estimated value of £35 million (minimum). The cars stuck inside mostly included were Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI, Rolls Royce, Bently, and Porsche. Over 1,200 cars were inside this ship as cargo, which was on its way to the Middle East. But, due to the incident on 3rd January, they have been lying near Southampton. Finally, after over three weeks, these cars have finally started to make their way to solid ground.
One of the many damaged Jaguar Land Rover cars coming out of Hoegh Osaka.[/caption]

Many of the cars salvaged from the capsized transporter ship have been damaged. Though damage is limited to just dents and scratches, the cars may be scrapped and crushed, reveals Daily Mail. The vessel had on board a single unit of Rolls Royce Wraith, 65 MINIs and 1,200 units of Jaguar and Land Rover cars. This decision to crush the damaged cars follows a similar incident that occurred in 2006 when 4,700 Mazda cars were crushed.

Hoegh Osaka at one of the Southampton docks, where the cars are finally getting extracted.

Final decisions on crushing of these cars will be taken as authorities are in the process of carrying out full examination of the cars on board and assessing the extent of damage. The cars bear dents and scratches on its exterior due to slipping their moorings or rolling onto other vehicles.

The other reason for crushing these cars is that about 3,000 tonnes of water had entered Hoegh Osaka. Engineers are expressing concern on internal parts and electrolytes in the batteries which could affect the actual working of the cars in question. The company has decided that it will be a lot safer to scrap the entire consignment rather than put them on sale and face the possibility of costly lawsuits.

Hoegh Osaka on 3rd January 2015.
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