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Jaguar Land Rover shares their new research to reduce emissions

Speaking about the three new Land Rover Concept_e research vehicles, these are Concept-e MHEV, Concept-e PHEV and Concept-e BEV. Each of these are based on new electric Drive Module (eDM) technology and developed in-house by JLR engineers.

Concept_e MHEV is a mild hybrid using an electric motor generator to convert brake energy to electricity. Energy thus generated is stored and used to power ancillary features that include starter motor, air conditioner and other on-board electrical devices. Fitted on Range Rover Evoque, Concept_e MHEV consists of a 90 PS prototype diesel engine, 48V electrical system and a 20 PS electric motor fitted between the engine and its 9 speed transmission.

Jaguar Land Rover Concept_e MHEV Research Vehicle

Concept_e PHEV is positioned on Range Rover Sport and sees a similar setup with a more powerful gasoline engine and electric motor. In this case, Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid has a 300 PS prototype petrol engine, a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor that develops up to 204 PS. This is positioned between engine and transmission sending power to the wheels independently for shorter distances or via the engine. The electric motors receive electrical energy from a lithium-ion battery placed in the trunk.

Jaguar Land Rover Concept_e PHEV Research Vehicle

Concept_e BEV is designed to fit the Jaguar Land Rover with its light weight aluminum platform. It consists of 70 kW lithium ion battery located in its floor while an electric motor is positioned on each axle so as to create an all wheel drive system. The front axle has a 115 PS electric motor while the rear axle receives a 197 PS electric motor.

Jaguar Land Rover Concept_e BEV Research Vehicle

Each of these three Land Rover Concept_e vehicles is under test and development and will form a part of the company’s low and zero emission vision from 2020 onward.

Apart from these three new Concept_e research vehicles, JLR also showcased their new ‘Warm Air Blanket’ research. This new technology is aimed at dramatically reducing vehicle emission while heating the interiors. The idea is to reduce the weight of seats by 30%, and use components on the inside which are made of carbon fibre and flax. The research also talks about replacing wiring cables with wafer-thin printed electronic circuits, which are seen on motherboards of computers, smartphones, laptops, television, etc. The research is detailed in the image below.

Jaguar Land Rover Warm Blanket Research Explained

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