Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Coupe at Pebble Beach

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type (1)Pebble Beach weekend which sees world’s leading automotive aficionados and collectors of vintage cars in attendance, will see three exclusive examples from JLR make their presence felt. Each of these models is from the Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Division under the leadership of John Edwards, Managing Director with special emphasis on design and engineering.

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Coupe prototype, as seen in the image above, was first commissioned in 1963. Plan was to produce 18 units of these classic beauties, but only 12 were produced. Now, Jaguar is back with the remaining 6, all of which are to be offered to collectors.

To ensure that these final six products are exactly as per their earlier counterparts, engineers at Jaguar have scanned body shell of Lightweight E Type and all components, rebuilding and stamping then based on these measurements. Jaguar E Type will be powered by a 3.9 liter inline, six engine. The engine uses three carburettors as standard with mechanical fuel injection system as optional. The engine is capable of 300 hp peak power and 280 lb/ft peak torque mated to a four speed manual transmission sending power to rear wheels.

Customized by buyers, the Jaguar E Type will receive exterior paint options of Carmine Red, Opalescent Grey Metallic, British Racing Green, and Old English White.

The other two cars – 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR and Jaguar F-TYPE PROJECT 7