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Jaguar XE sports sedan reveal, top speeds of over 300km/h (186mph)

Jaguar this week confirmed Jaguar XE as its all-new mid-size sports sedan. Jaguar XE will be the first production from the new advanced aluminium architecture showcased in the C-X17 concept car in 2013.

A global rollout is planned in mid 2015 for the 1st aluminium monocoque vehicle in the segment ensuring lightness and stiffness for unbeatable handling, performance, refinement and efficiency.

The new engine and aluminium chassis complement each other perfectly. XE technical, range and engine specs are not revealed now but engines will be varied for a wide range of capacities and output. Performance and fuel efficiency will be optimum without short-changing drivability.

Jaguar Land Rover’s best ever flexible engine architecture will be in play with an advanced design configured to suit in-line and transverse installations for rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations. Top speeds of over 300km/h (186mph), and emissions lower than 100g of CO2 per km are being projected.

Speaking at the Geneva Auto Show Dr Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, confirmed, “We announced just a few weeks ago that our new Engine Manufacturing Centre would produce a new family of premium, lightweight, low-friction, low emission four-cylinder petrol and diesel units. The first of our Ingenium engine range will be used in our all-new mid-sized Jaguar sports sedan. That car will be called the Jaguar XE, and it will be unveiled in production form later this year.”

Kevin Stride, Jaguar’s Vehicle Line Director for XE, said, “The engineering development of the XE has focused on delivering customers with the most advanced, efficient and refined sports sedan in its class. We are excited about our progress to date and are looking forward to soon being able to demonstrate what we have achieved.”

Ian Callum, Director of Design, said, “The new Jaguar XE is every bit a modern Jaguar; more compact in size but visually striking. Customers will expect a great deal from a mid-size Jaguar – it must be practical but premium. We never forget we are designing a Jaguar and that means it must be as exciting to look at and drive as it is brilliant to run and practical to own. We believe we’ve done just that with the Jaguar XE.”

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