James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Bond 23 avatar likely to be Brand Ambassador for Indian Railways

James Bond enthusiasts in India are in for a thrill when they see their hero in his latest film ‘Bond 23’.  Daniel Craig will be seen on trains of India rather than in submarines, yachts, and latest cars. So, from Aston martin, it’ll be the Indian Railways that enthrall viewers. Mr. Dinesh Trivedi, Railway Minister of India said that he had hopes from Daniel Craig as brand ambassador which will change the face of Indian railways, an enterprise in dire need of improvement. How much of a difference can James Bond make will be discussed in the coming months.

Bond’s movie production company EON Production has shown their eagerness to shoot part of the film in India and as it contains a train sequence, we will witness Craig jumping off trains and shooting and fighting from its roofs in the coming Bond movie. Certainly a sharp contrast to the Bond imagery we’re used to wherein the suave Brit agent opts for high speed backed by sleek, MI6 vehicles and the gadgets and gizmos it comes with. When it comes to technology in trains in India, it’s a sorry picture, and the only image that flashes across is overcrowded locals that are a sweat box quite literally with errant passengers even seated on the rooftop, and the train will get there when it wishes to.

Though permission was granted by ministry officials one of the terms would be that Craig appear in an Indian Railway television advertisement.  The tagline could be very close to, “The name’s Bond, James Bond. But Indian Railways is stronger than James Bond!”The fighting on trains sequence is expected to take place near Ahmedabad with other parts of the movie will be shot in Goa and Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar.

A fighting scene that was required to take place in the roof of the train will now be altered as the Indian railways don’t want to further damage its reputation. It should however be remembered, that inadequate safety precautions and policing has allowed many to travel on top of a train and even try stunts. The new image control move could go a long way in stopping such practices.

A few months ago, the Mission Impossible BMW Efficient Dynamics Concept was spotted when filming on location in Mumbai. The BMW Efficient Dynamics Concept was later exhibited at the BMW Delhi showroom for the media, and car enthusiasts. So, while we never saw Tom Cruise in his agent avatar, Daniel Craig as Bond will surely be here. In fact, there may even be a high speed Aston Martin chase sequence. What is left to be seen now is whether this new development will really make a difference. From luxury cars to local trains, it’s all waiting to happen in James Bond style.