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James Bond in Skyfall sticks to Aston Martin but will drink Heineken

No more of James Bond Martinis – Shaken and not stirred. The 007 star is going to pay allegiance to Heineken beer and has signed a £25 million deal with the company. Daniel Craig will be the star of the Heineken ad. In the movie he will be seen swapping his favourite and trademark martini for a sip of Heineken.

Craig, 44, with the brew to kill is seen swigging on the Dutch lager in one of the scenes of Skyfall. The actor in his advertising deal with the Heineken brewers, acts in a TV ad for the same product and this is directed by Sam Mendes himself  and set to be released along with the movie in October. What is even more exciting is the fact that Daniel Craig’s face will also appear on bottles of the lager. This is a big collaboration between the movie franchise and brand but has not gone down well with 007 fans who feel it is a cheapening of the Bond brand.

However officials at Heineken are excited of this new advertisement campaign as the feel the endorsement from none other than James Bond will do wonders to their brand image as he is the epitome of the man of the world. On the car front, the Aston Martin lives on. While the Bentley did make for a great presence at the start, the Aston Martin DB5 has worked wonders for the brand in the last many Bond films.

Skyfall sees the Aston Martin original silver DB5 make an appearance, and there’s a car chase sequence too. This apart, even Jaguar Land Rover, a Tata Group flagship  too finds a spot. The Jaguar XJ and Range Rover and possibly the Evoque will be seen in  the film.

If it’s a British car, Bond should be driving it unlike Pierce Brosnan behind the BMW 7 Series in Tomorrow Never Dies and the 1.9 litre Z3 in Goldeneye. That never went down well in terms of brand placement in a James Bond film, and what fate befalls Heineken is yet to be seen.


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