Jason Statham and Vin Diesel talk about driving cars in Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7
Jason Statham went for all British cars in the film, but was denied a McLaren P1.

British actor, producer, martial artist, and former diver, Jason Statham, plays a rogue British Intelligence Agent and assassin named Deckard Shaw who wasn’t supposed to be alive, in Fast & Furious 7. He goes after Vin Diesel and The Rock, for harming his brother, and he does it in style.

To Top Gear, Jason Statham shared the experiences behind the scenes of Furious 7, and mentioned how difficult it was for him to go back to work after Paul Walker had passed away. Away from the set, Statham owns an Audi S8.

Before Furious 7, Jason Statham made an exhilarating entrance in the Transporter franchise as a car nut, and for the first part he spent two weeks on the streets of Paris with a professional driver to learn his way around cars.

Then the Alpha of the Furious 7 team, Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel, shared his chunk of experience with TG. Vin Diesel is known to have never wanted a sequel to the original “The Fast and The Furious” to ever happen.

In the seventh instalment, Vin Diesel continues to rock the streets with all muscle cars, and in the end takes the wrap off his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T which he used in first, fourth and fifth parts of the series.

Via – Top Gear